This instructions shows how to develop an angle adjustable laptop PC stand made by MDF.
If Laser cutting systems available, you can make this within 30 minutes. It is really easy.

That can change laptop angle 3way (10degree,13degree,15degree)

I intended to use Macbook 15inch to define its size.

Step 1: Step 1: Material Preparation

Materials you should prepare are following:

Please refer the hinge drawing to get similar hinge.

You should not use long screws since that will make scratch on your desk and PC!

<p>what is laser cutting?</p>
<p>An extremely strong laser that moves back and forth to cut stuff (Like a CNC, but with a laser and not a router - Google it).</p>
Laser cuttings is one of equipment to cut something automatically.
<p>That looks good :)</p>
Thanks.<br>Please try to make it!

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