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How I decide to do this

Let me tell you shortly, the chicks food more expensive than corn and I have a lot of corn but corns are so big for them to eat. Also grinder machines expensive too than I made this.

You can see all step and arrange the dimensions according to your angle grinder.


- Angle grinder

- 1,5mm steel sheet

- Drill

- Measure

- Pencil

Step 1:

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panks (author)2017-11-15

Fantastic idea! very clever :)

rustyfox (author)2015-04-05

I love it! The grain in Step 6 looks to be wheat, or perhaps oats. When you say 'corn', do you mean maize? (see reply to MoTinkerGNome's comment)

Digitus (author)2014-08-08

nice 'ible like the idea - love the execution. my ?… would a clean cheap coffee grinder work as well - (lazy man's solution)_

MoTinkerGNome (author)Digitus2014-08-10

The problem with an electric coffee grinder is that it would only grind a few tablespoons at a time after a while the motor would wind up overheating as they are not designed for this type of duty cycle. So if you are grinding a cup or two a coffee grinder would get it done.

For milling animal feed one is processing several lbs of grain at a time This hopper fed deal is absolutely brilliant.

Msel I presume you are grinding Corn into smaller pieces of cracked corn. That is some pretty stout stuff even grain mills have trouble with corn. Have a upvote in the metal contest.

rustyfox (author)MoTinkerGNome2015-04-05

From the photo it appears to be wheat or oats rather than maize.

In North America, Australia, and New Zealand 'corn' and 'maize' are the same thing, while elsewhere 'corn' means any cereal seed. Maize, on the other hand, always refers to the one grain.

I wonder whether it would handle maize? The sheet metal is 1.5 mm thick, which is pretty heavy. Maybe with a 3 mm thick blade it could?

msel (author)Digitus2014-08-08

Thanks for the comment

Yes it would be,if you make more little hole it can be even flour grinder.

ottawafm (author)2014-08-15

Great job! Everyone has one of those angle grinders laying around!

srasheed2 (author)2014-08-07

good job!

jessyratfink (author)2014-08-05

Great solution :)

rimar2000 (author)2014-08-03

Very good idea, congratulations.

msel (author)rimar20002014-08-04

Thank you very much

omnibot (author)2014-08-03

That is brilliant!

msel (author)omnibot2014-08-04

Thank you very much

rimar2000 (author)2014-08-03

Very good idea, congratulations.

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