Step 1: Paper mache a balloon

This step is pretty basic - find a balloon that's larger than your head (much larger, if you want breathing room)

I ended up using two balloons, so if the balloon color changes, that's why. One popped while I was taking a break.

Good instructions for paper mache-ing can be found herehere

Cooking the paste really works- I never did that when I was a kid, but things worked. Cooking the paste works BETTER.
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Kaiven7 years ago
where you wrote "here" (as a link), i would like to know how you did that
laernmoer (author)  Kaiven7 years ago
where it says "link" in the title bar of your editing windo, click link.. or do you mean the paste? I'm confused.
click link
(removed by author or community request)
laernmoer (author)  Kaiven7 years ago
I just clicked the "link" button and put the word "here" in the "link name" box. then put the URL in the "Link URL box".
I like the way they did it and the way you do it you click on Good instructions for paper mache-ing can be found herehere the are 2 here one is a link simply click on that and it will com.
But i would like to know on the picture the bottom is not with newspaper.
Please tell me somebody.
Parrotgirl6 years ago
when I first looked at this, my first thought was that a bike helmet (you know, the old melon shaped ones...) would make the perfect base. It would stay stable, be comfortable, and be easy to paper mache around! Just a thought :) I love this costume!
laernmoer (author)  Parrotgirl6 years ago
Good idea. If you can somehow get the rest of the shape, that would be an ingenious design. Or maybe squeeze the helmet after the balloon is popped.