Some long pieces of pallet wood lent themselves kindly to be easily turned into a sword. Living in an area in the East of England near Sutton Hoo, where an Anglo Saxon King was found buried, I thought I would make an Anglo Saxon sword, but an oversized one. As always I've made a YouTube video documenting the build and more detailed instructions follow below.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Tools -

- Pen/pencil and measure

- Wood saw (crosscut or tenon/back)

- Hand plane

- Dividers/compass

- Spokeshave

- Chisels and Mallet

- Sandpaper


- 2 lengths of pallet wood, approx. 200cm X 9cm (78 3/4"" X 3 9/16")

- Wood glue/PVA

- Finish of your choice, I used beeswax and mineral oil

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