Step 2: Making the Bird

We used an Angry Bird plush toy as our guide for the proportions of the costume. We set the beige trim on the bottom and built the face off of that. Following the pattern we made the shell first in a size 4T. Yes, for my two year old. 1, because he is Amazon size for his age and 2, we are going to stuff the costume a little more to try and get a nice round (ish) bird shape. We sewed the breast panels together and then added the beige panel on the bottom. We opted to double up the bottom for durability instead of cutting out the red under the belly. Fiber matting was sewn in during this process. 
Thank you so much for sharing this - it was by far the best Angry Bird costume I found on the internet so I chose it for my 2-year old daughter's Halloween costume this year (thanks to my friend Gordana who is a sewing champ!) Here's how it turned out:
Absolutely adorable - so authentic and original. I am not sure how to sew, but I will do my best to mimic your idea ... the best one on the web!
I love this can not wait to make it for my son for Halloween this is the only Angry bird costume I like...the others seem uncomfortable this looks comfortable
Oh my gosh! I love it! this year i am entering the Petco costume contest and wanted to do angry birds! I found a pig costume for my cat and now this! Thank you! It is really cute. how long did it take you to make it because i only have one week, and with school. 9- 3:30 is when school goes on. and exactly how much fabric did you actually use for the certain parts?
Glad you like the costume! It took about 3 days to make working on it off and on. That is with an experienced sewer leading the project. As for the material, I'm not sure exactly how much it took. We followed the directions on the pattern in step one and bought the recommended amount for the size costume we were making. We also bought more fabric than needed for other projects we are working on so I can't really say exactly what was used. The only deviation from the plan (other than the colors) was making the face. That was custom and we bought black, white and yellow fleece to do that. 1/8 yard each black and white, 1/4 yard yellow. Hope that helps. <br><br>Good luck in your Petco contest!
it's gonna be pretty awkward when someone tries to throw him at a building
haha....Please don't throw my nephew. :-)
it's ok, you're safe. I'm in Australia, so it's to much effort to travel to the U.S just to throw a child
You sir just made my day :p
tmilne1m, jennie92248 Thanks!<br><br>We have entered the Easy Halloween contest, if you like it please vote!
What a great costume!!! Oddly enough it was the little ones' idea. He wouldn't budge. :-)
He is a stubborn one isn't he? Thankfully he didn't want to be Drop 7!
This costume is fantastic. And the kid is adorable!
that is neat
I love his expression in the first photo - <em>&quot;Explain it to me again - I'm dressed like your favourite game because...?&quot;</em>

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