This instructable will teach you how to create a kyaraben style bento box based on the popular video game angry birds.

Bento boxes are a fun way to create a small single portion meal, very common in Japanese cuisine. Kyaraben refers to a specific style of bento that has been elaborately arranged to depict popular characters from anime, comic books or video games characters.

Although time consuming, this bento box was extremely fun to make and considering my son's addiction to angry birds, well worth the effort to see the look on his face when it was finally ready.

I used a variety of mixed veggies that our family enjoys, but you can use whatever suites you own taste.

Step 1: Ingredients & Prep


sushi Rice - 1 cup - cooked & cooled until able to handle

beet Powder- 1 teaspoon

wasabi Powder- 1/2 teaspoon

1 head butter lettuce


cherry tomatoes

peas- 1/2 cup blanched

half ear of corn- blanched

broccoli- blanched

fish sticks

bunch of carrots

french breakfast radishes

bunch of asparagus- blanched

lemon cucumber- or any variety of cucumber

1 thin slice Monterrey Jack cheese or other white cheese

nori - seaweed used to wrap sushi



small rectangular container

bowl of water


dough scraper

* some ingredients not listed as pic as they were added as finishing touches

Blanching- briefly place ingredients that require blanching into boiling water for a few minutes and then place them into an ice water bath to shock them. *This will preserve their color and crunchy texture.
Very very cute and colorful!<br>I love it!<br>
wow. I am hesitate to eat it. so nice.
its angry bento!
So Perfect!
Now that looks pretty cool!
Very very awesome.

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