Picture of Angry Birds Birthday Card

My friend is very into Angry Birds as of late, so for their birthday I have decided to make them a 3D Angry Bird Birthday Card.
Card Stock of Various Colors
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Step 1: Cut the card to size

Picture of Cut the card to size
Decide how big (or small) you want your card to big. You will then take two pieces of card stock and cut them to size. One is for the inside and one is for the outside. Since I decided to make the bird the inside who pops put at you, I made the inner piece green for the grass and the outer piece blue since that is where the pigs will sit. My card is 5" tall by 4" wide (folded) To cut the cardstock, I first cut the 5" side. Then I folded the cardstock in half and measured 4" and cut on the unfolded side.

Step 2: Cut the Pop Out

Picture of Cut the Pop Out
On the inside piece, measure out (or best guess) where the center of the card is. This should be centered on the fold.

To make the bird on the inside pop up, make two slits that are about 2 inches long. The first should be about 1/2 inch up from the center the other about 1/2 inch down from the center. They go left to right, starting about one inch from the center fold over 2 inches which brings you to one inch past the center fold. I made a template that was a rectangle that was 1" X 2" then used this to mark my lines. Longer slits should make the Angry Bird pop out further, but I did not try this myself.

To cut the lines, i folded the card and then cut.

This will make two slits on the inside of the card.
blossom9283 (author) 3 years ago
Thanks :)
I didn't know if you could see the slingshot too well in the pictures, but I guess you can.
Very cute! Love that the sling shot is behind the pop up bird!
Flintlock3 years ago
Adorable! Love the pop up effect!