Step 7: Finishing Up

Once the Sugru has cured, I drew in the eyes with a fine point Sharpie, as well as the front of the pig's ears and eyebrows.  Since I didn't actually stick the cable holders whereI needed them before the Sugru cured I had to add some double sided tape to the bottom.
too cute and very practical!
Could you use polymer clay instead?
I am so going to make these, They are awesome.
Very nice! Could I use FIMO instead? It comes in many colors. How does this fit into the GREEN Challenge from Scoochamaroo? I only see 1 green pig. Just FYI.
I would stick (!) to Sugru if possible.<br> <br> FIMO might become too rigid to accommodate the variation of cable diameters. Also, because you have to bake FIMO, maybe it shrinks a little in this process.
Sugru has a rubbery consistency once it is cured so it has the flexibility to hold and remove the cables. Although FIMO does have way more colours I don't think it would be flexible enough. <br><br>I was surprised too that it was accepted into the green contest. Though I think that they are probably easier in accepting instructables to get a higher number of entries but will be more stringent when it comes to judging, so I think mine would be highly unlikely to win.
1 green 2 other colors, that's 33.5% green and 66.5% not green. Does this qualify for the Green challenge ? Otherwise nice angry birds!
Instead of cling wrap on the cable cover the cord with soapy water or some other release agent. If you you use cling wrap it may or may not leave wrinkles. Just some thoughts!
Thanks, that is a good point. I was getting some wrinkles from the cling wrap.
I know you can buy Sugru online, but is it available in stores? Like a hardware store, maybe? I really want some, and pronto!
There are only a few stores that carry Sugru, you can check out the link <a href="https://sugru.com/us/buy#" rel="nofollow">here,</a> if you scroll down to the bottom there is a link that says buy for a real-like shop that opens a map.
Thanks for the shout out, they look amazing! I especially like the pig.
Thanks, the pig is my favorite too.
Your creativity is amazing...and endless!
Thanks, you're too kind.
Definitely the cutest cable management system I have ever seen.
So sweet! Also majorly useful. Love this one!

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