Decorated cupcakes tend to be a big hit when I invite people over.

I had made "themed" cupcakes before, for Easter and Christmas, but thought it might be fun to make cupcakes in the "Angry Birds" theme as well.

In this Instructable, a step by step is provided to make the green pig and red bird.

Step 1: You Will Need

To make these decorated cupcakes, you will need:
- Colored sugar paste; you can make this yourself by mixing food coloring with white sugar paste, or buy it ready-made.
- Black little candy balls.
- Cupcakes.
- A sharp knife.
- Cutters in different shapes (like the ones used to make cookies).
- A rolling pin.
- Shortening, or another type of grease that doesn't have a "sharp" taste.
- A black pen which can be used on food.
- An example of what you want to make (such as the printed out page in the intro step, showing the Angry Birds characters).

Excellent job! I love the little pig ones with their happy little mouths :D
These are incredibly detailed. Nice work!
Thank you!

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