Angry Birds Cupcakes

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Who doesn't love some Angry Birds?  My 6 year old loves this little game, and the birds are so cute.  Here they are in cupcake form!

This project is not difficult - my kid even helped me create some--it's kind of like working with playdough, but it IS time consuming.  But the results are just too cool! 

The birds themselves are (mostly) cake donut holes, covered in marshmallow fondant.  Marshmallow fondant is cheap and easy to make, and tastes much better than regular fondant, however it doesn't get or stay as stiff as regular fondant (particularly the next day, it tends to droop), so you can't make these quite as 3D as you could with regular fondant.  But they are much tastier than a ball of 'real' fondant would be!


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Step 1: Prepare your cupcake base

Picture of Prepare your cupcake base
aquarium angrybird 041.JPG
Any type of cupcake will work for this.  Mine are red velvet with cream cheese icing, and some nonpareils sprinkled on top.
I'd suggest doing this the day before.

Save about 1/2 cup of icing for the bird preparation step. 

If you want to do a yellow triangle bird, you'll need a square block of cake to cut your pyramid shape out of.  I made a small loaf pan of some of the extra batter from the cupcake batch, and used that.  You could also just a small loaf of purchased poundcake or similar.

Step 2: Make your marshmallow fondant

Picture of Make your marshmallow fondant
The birds are covered in Marshmallow Fondant, which is an easy, tasty, and cost effective decoration technique.

Make this the night before.

Follow the recipe here:
For 12 birds, you can do 1/2 recipe (1 lb sugar and 8 oz (1/2 large bag) marshmallows).  But to be on the safe side since it's cheap, you can go ahead and make the whole batch -- that way you don't have to worry about running out., and allows for mistakes where you have to redo a bird.

Also, I didn't have any Crisco on hand, so I just skipped using it.  Your hands get sticky at the beginning, but just keep working with it and you'll be fine.

zazenergy3 years ago
yum! We're running an angry birds challenge this week. If you post a new angry birds instructable you win some great prizes:
pdasari3 years ago
how will u eat it
atrevino3 years ago
My mind = BLOWN.
lloydlurch3 years ago
Cool cupcakes,love'em!
DotatDabbled (author)  lloydlurch3 years ago
thanks for all the nice comments! they are fun to make..
Too cute to eat!
mary candy3 years ago
cute !