Step 8: Eyes

For all birds, you'll use either a single tiny candy or a dot of black decorator gel for the pupil.

Red, white, and yellow Birds
The simplest way to do eyes is to use your large straw to cut out a bunch of white circles, and a bunch of black (or dark grey) circles.
Then flatten the dark circle slightly so it is a little bigger than the white.
Then dampen the back of the white and adhere it to the dark.  Presto, a white eye with a dark outline!
Add eyebrows either by cutting a strip, or making a small snake.

Blue Bird
White circle (from the straw), then a crescent shape in pink attached under it.

Bomb (Grey) Bird
Larger light grey circle (I used a bottle mouth as a cookie cutter) with a white circle on top

For pigs to look hurt, use a teardrop of blue slightly larger than the white circle, placed under the white.

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how will u eat it
Lol.<br>My mind = BLOWN.
Cool cupcakes,love'em!
thanks for all the nice comments! they are fun to make..
Too cute to eat!
cute !

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