Step 4: Belly and Beak

Roll out two same-sized circles and flatten on your work surface into circles. Score one side lightly and score the belly area on the body. Press the belly onto the body of the bird.

Form two medium-sized pyramids our of clay and shape into beaks. Score and attach to the face between the eyes.

Form two small-sized pyramids, score, and attach to the body below the other beak.
<p>so cute i really wanna make these in my home</p>
Send the link to charlieanderin
Amazing painting can u make an instructable on painting I'm not a very good oainter
Thank you! Maybe I will make an instructable with some painting tips for teensy objects. Thanks for the suggestion.
Sorry painter
Sweet! I love 'em! Totally trying this.
I would love to see the result, and good luck!
haha soo cool <br>i like your green pig earrings too
I couldn't find Bake Shop at Michaels...anywhere else I could get it (preferably with coupons? XD) ?
You can probably get it at Joann's, Hobby Lobby, or online. Joann's and Hobby Lobby usually have coupons as well.
Thanks so much! Just made some.
loved the game, loved the earrings <br>
great job
these are amazing me and my friends are big angry birds fans i may just have to make them all some for christmas
Neat Painting...soooo sweeeet...!!!
Those are adorable! Two questions, where do you get your "Bake Shop" clay, and do you find the jump rings to be strong enough to stay on the clay?
Nice Instructable! :)<br><br>Bake Shop is a brand of Sculpey; most craft stores carry Sculpey clay (I think Bake Shop is specifically their holiday line). <br><br>I've never had good luck with plain jump rings into clay...instead I found these rings attached to a threaded pin (like to screw into the top of something) at Joanns, I use those for clay figures. :)
I will definitely have to keep an eye out for those screw-in rings, those sound awesome. Thanks for the tip!
Thanks! I found the Bake Shop clay at my local Joann Fabrics. It is Sculpey brand's clay that is made and marketed for children. <br><br>I have had a lot of luck with regular jump rings and clay with all my earrings.Just make sure that at least half the ring is fully enclosed in clay and that you are attaching clay pieces together with the scratching method. What I usually do now is get a straight wire with a ring at the end, stick it in the clay and pull it back out, bake the clay, add a drop of superglue to the wire, stick it back into the clay, and add one more drop of super glue at the entrance point of the wire<br><br>Good luck in your creating!
What don't you do that isn't awesome? I really dig your paintings.
Wow, thank you so much. Painting is my passion! <br><br>But, to answer your question, I am not awesome at tennis.
Those are so cute!
Thank you!

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