Step 5: Chop It While You Cool It.

OK, so the crescent rolls didn't burn.  I really need to get a timer.

Anyways, see the crispy looking golden brown color? Probably not. My phone is the source of the photos. But you know what I mean.

You need to let this cool for about 15 minutes.  While that is cooling, I'd say it's an excellent time to cut the veggies:)

Make sure to thoroughly rinse all of your vegetables, even if they are in a package that says "ready to eat." Trust me.  Next, cut your broccoli so they are florets only.  Get a baby carrot and cut a "V" out of one end. Cut your tomato in half and next cut a triangle to insert your carrot beak and cauliflower eyes into.

I used a leaf from the broccoli stalk for the eyebrow.  You could also just use some broccoli or whatever you'd like.

The eye part is blue food coloring. Be careful not to put too much or you'll have a runny blue mess.

So, I'm not the fastest chopper, so it's been about 15 minutes since I took the crescent rolls out.  If you're faster, wait until it cools.
So cute! Finnaly something with no meat. :)
Whoops, I meant finally.
Yay! No meat!
Looks good!
Adorable, I love it!!
Thank you!:)
I love it... (<em>except for all the veggies</em>...)<br> <br> but can you call it vegetarian when you use bacon?<br> <br> <em>I know it is difficult to make food without bacon in it, but...</em>
Make Food WITHOUT BACON??? INSANITY!!!<br><br>Haha, actually, since I'm assuming that you aren't a vegetarian related to the dislike of veggies, you should know that the bacon bits shown are completely VEGAN :):) Talk about false advertising! Lol.<br><br>Thank you for the comment though. I will go back and make sure to include that if the fake ones are not used, it is no longer vegetarian=]
Please let me know if anything is wrong. This is my first instructable! Thanks!

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