Step 6: Now We Really Get to Color.

I know, you thought it'd never come. The decorating.  This is the fun part. I'm by no means an artist, but this was really fun!

I'm attaching pictures. You will be able to see the steps I took.  But you can make your own even better!


Cover the whole thing with the sauce first. You can keep some left over for the sun and clouds. I did these last.

I cut some of the tomato off of my angry bird.  You can adjust the size accordingly.

The piggy can be hard to make, but he's really cute:)

I hope you enjoyed my [first-ever instructable] on Angry Bird Pizza. I had fun making it and I hope you do too!  This leaves so much room to make it whatever you want, and the more veggies, the better :)

So cute! Finnaly something with no meat. :)
Whoops, I meant finally.
Yay! No meat!
Looks good!
Adorable, I love it!!
Thank you!:)
I love it... (<em>except for all the veggies</em>...)<br> <br> but can you call it vegetarian when you use bacon?<br> <br> <em>I know it is difficult to make food without bacon in it, but...</em>
Make Food WITHOUT BACON??? INSANITY!!!<br><br>Haha, actually, since I'm assuming that you aren't a vegetarian related to the dislike of veggies, you should know that the bacon bits shown are completely VEGAN :):) Talk about false advertising! Lol.<br><br>Thank you for the comment though. I will go back and make sure to include that if the fake ones are not used, it is no longer vegetarian=]
Please let me know if anything is wrong. This is my first instructable! Thanks!

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