This seems to be an endless train that I jump onto when I make a paper toy about a game for mobile phones that has been released in 2009.

So why did it take so long to make a papercraft?
Because I thought 3 years and 3 months about the mechanics, that is true. Non-stop and day and night.

Step 1: You Need:

  • Paper: After 21 years I recently learned that the weight of paper is measured in grams per square meter in every country of the world, so I can save a lot of calculating around. I use 160 g / m2, and especially for this model I highly recommend it.
  • Glue: Quick-drying. For your own best. You’re welcome.
  • Scissors: And other optional crafting stuff, like tweezers, pins, mini scissors, cutter.
  • A printer
Wait, what, the<em> springs</em> are made of <em>paper?</em><br> <br> <br> Awesome!
<p>&quot;Будьте ввічливі&quot; правило, пам'ятаєш?</p>
<p>красава молодец ТЫ ЧЁткий )))))</p>
I really like the paper spring!
Really Awesome.
woah. the effort really shows. the pigs or birds could be mini paper water bombs maybe?
Hey! <br>. <br>. <br>. <br>THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! <br>(Just one query or maybe two) <br>How the hell should I make the PIGGIES stand? <br>Is it necessary to attach the basket and sling shot for the &quot;COSMETICS&quot;? <br>(P.S.- REPLY IF POSSIBLE,PLEASE!)
The piggies stand more or less how they want, as they are just wrapped up paper. But top and bottom are &quot;exchangeable&quot; anyway. <br>The slingshot is absolutely unnecessary, the basket is optional but helps.
You are just awesome.
Brilliant. Just brilliant.

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