Picture of Angry Birds Paper Toy
This seems to be an endless train that I jump onto when I make a paper toy about a game for mobile phones that has been released in 2009.

So why did it take so long to make a papercraft?
Because I thought 3 years and 3 months about the mechanics, that is true. Non-stop and day and night.

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Step 1: You need:

Picture of You need:
  • Paper: After 21 years I recently learned that the weight of paper is measured in grams per square meter in every country of the world, so I can save a lot of calculating around. I use 160 g / m2, and especially for this model I highly recommend it.
  • Glue: Quick-drying. For your own best. You’re welcome.
  • Scissors: And other optional crafting stuff, like tweezers, pins, mini scissors, cutter.
  • A printer
Kiteman1 year ago
Wait, what, the springs are made of paper?



"Будьте ввічливі" правило, пам'ятаєш?

paper kotik11 months ago

красава молодец ТЫ ЧЁткий )))))

I really like the paper spring!
JonnyBGood1 year ago
Really Awesome.
woah. the effort really shows. the pigs or birds could be mini paper water bombs maybe?
(Just one query or maybe two)
How the hell should I make the PIGGIES stand?
Is it necessary to attach the basket and sling shot for the "COSMETICS"?
(P.S.- REPLY IF POSSIBLE,PLEASE!) (author)  The Pencil Guy1 year ago
The piggies stand more or less how they want, as they are just wrapped up paper. But top and bottom are "exchangeable" anyway.
The slingshot is absolutely unnecessary, the basket is optional but helps.
azharz1 year ago
You are just awesome.
Brilliant. Just brilliant.