Planning an Angry Birds Bash? Then this is the instructable or you. For less than $5 bucks, you can make this easy DIY Pin the Beak Party Game. It's basically a spin on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but considering it's almost 2012, I think it needed a little upgrade. Hence, Pin the Beak on the Angry Bird was born & offers universal fun to people of all ages. 

** Blind-folds omitted for players under 2**
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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
To make a Pin the Beak on the Angry Bird Party Game, you will need the following materials:

1 sheet large red poster board

Yellow card stock - 1 sheet = 4 beaks

Black Card Stock - 2 sheets

White Card Stock- 2 sheets


Black Sharpie

Adhesive- I ended up using Stick-E-Tak (not velcro)


Clear  tape


Step 2: Make the Angry Bird

Picture of Make the Angry Bird
To make the Angry Bird, take a pencil and draw the outline of the bird on the red poster board. I printed out a picture of the red angry bird that I got from Google images and kept it next to me as a guide. Cut out the outline and set aside.

Don't worry about pencil marks. We'll take care of those later.

Step 3: Make the Eyes & Eyebrows

Picture of Make the Eyes & Eyebrows
To make the eyebrows, draw the outline on black card stock using a pencil. Cut out the eyebrows and place them on a piece of white card stock. Draw the eyes with a pencil and cut them out. Set aside.

Step 4: Make the Beaks

Using a piece of the yellow card stock, draw the beak of the angry bird and cut it out. This will be the master beak you use to make the rest. Place the master beak on a sheet of the yellow card stock  and trace around it.  You should be able to get four beaks per piece of card stock, depending on the size you use.

Next, use a black sharpie, and trace around the outline of each beak. You will have to draw a small line connecting the bottom portion of the beaks. ( see 2nd Pic )
guidess 5 months ago
Super Cute! I wish I'd come across this years ago. The sharpie edging makes it look way harder to do than it is, and very professional. It'll be a perfect project for Girl Guides to make for younger girls to play with, with no actual pins. Beautiful instructable with clear, easy steps and low-cost materials! Thanks!
Awesome! Great adaptation of an old game. And it is so bright!
lmnopeas (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
Thanks Penolopy! We had fun with this one.