Picture of Angry Head, Mixed Media
All bow to the giant angry head totem! He will eat your faaaaaccccceee! Mixed media sculpture with wood, acrylic paint and chain.

For this sculpture I am using a simplified cross section technique, which is a good method for getting accurate forms out of hard, fusible materials. Also good because I used some extra wood that I had purchased for an entirely different purpose.

I made it at TechShop.
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Step 1: Making the underlays.

Picture of Making the underlays.
First some art. I sketched out some diagrams of how I want the face to look and then transferred it onto a large sheet of drafting paper to create my full scale cross sections. Since I'm going for a mask-like representation, I'm not going to worry about the depth of the cross sections (the boards are one inch wide and that’s what I’ll use for each layer) or the way the sculpture looks from the side. It's possible to create a three dimensional rough for cross sections using clay or some kind of soft sculpting material, but for this project I'm just going to use my artistic sense to create some 2.5D depth using my one inch boards.

Note: I want this dude to look ugly and angry, I do several sketches, the first few look too symmetrical to really express anger so I go for a deliberately lopsided final. The first sketch looks like it could be a more refined piece that looks like some kind of feudal facial armor, so I’m going to save this sketch for later.

Step 2: Mapping the cross sections with tracing paper.

Picture of Mapping the cross sections with tracing paper.
Now that I have my master diagram, I'm going to draw out the way I want my cuts to look using layers of trace paper, this layering will help to create a simple three dimensional effect. After I trace out my shapes transfer them on to my wood pieces. 
it reminds me of the monster in that movie jeepers very cool
This is awesome! I love mixed media art :)
would like to see more of your wood art...good job...
poofrabbit1 year ago
Love the layering of wood! The chain is a nice touch as well, good work!