Animal Costume Idea: Grey Mouse




Introduction: Animal Costume Idea: Grey Mouse

Did you ever see such a sight in your life as this cute DIY mouse costume idea? Here's how to run with this one!

Step 1: The Outfit

To begin, I put together the outfit using a grey ensemble consisting of a long sleeve shirt, jeans, furry fingerless glove,s and slip-on shoes.

Step 2: The Tail

Next, I used a safety pin to attach this tail that I bought from Party City (for $7) in the back of the grey jeans.

Step 3: The Face

Now, comes the best part: hair and makeup!

For makeup, I started by covering my eyes with some silver shadow. Then, I slathered my face with some grey face paint (I'm using Storm Cloud by Mehron Paradise). Then, I attached a mouse nose with Spirit Gum, followed by a light dab and blend-in of Flesh Latex, and a light touch powder to set the look in place.

I painted the mouse nose with a light pink to created a nice pop of color. Then, I topped it off with a grey mouse wig!

Step 4: Squeak-Squeak!

Now, get ready to cut the cheese in style!



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