Bring the party with this Animal costume! I strongly suggest starting by finding every relevant picture from the web you can to use as reference. Here are some of the other things you'll need.

Paper Mache (Flour, Water, Salt, and Paper)
Large 17" Balloon
Felt (Red, Pink, and Black)
Clear Plastic Christmas Ornaments
Yarn (Red, Pink, and Orange)
White closed cell hard foam
Black Skrim
Construction Hard Hat

Orange Long Sleeve Shirt
Orange Knee High Soccer Socks
Orange Gloves
Brown Pants
Hemp Rope Belt
Punk Rock T-Shirt

Sintra Plastic
Fake Plastic Chain
Foam Spikes
Drum Sticks

Step 1: Paper Mache

Paper Mache
1 part flour, 2 parts water, add some salt to help make it stronger and last longer (or so I've been told)

This process can be a little messy, so put down some plastic and wear an apron.

1) Blow up the balloon and tape it to a base that will keep it upright.

2) Rip some recycled paper into 2" strips. Ripping helps make a good edge for bonding, and you should prepare all the paper you'll need before getting your hands dirty.

3) Go to town, making sure to completely cover the balloon evenly. I did about 5-7 total layers to make it really strong and easy to handle later on.

You will need to let it cure completely, which might take a couple days, before you pop the balloon and start cutting!
<p>Hey, thanks for the tips! I have built a lot of costumes, and taken a course in prop-making so I did come in with a bit more experience. But, your pics were a great inspiration! I used a soft constructed 'helmet' as a base, rather than the hardhat and papier-mache, and then went from there! Your tutorial was a great base to work from, and the zip-tie on the nose? Super! Here's the costume I built for our 8-year-old :-) </p>
My husband wants to go as Animal this year and loves this. Neither of us are crafty. Would you be interested in selling?
<p>Such an easy tutorial! I was able to make my two year old into Animal for Halloween!</p>
<p>How did you cut the mouth for this? It almost looks like you cut the head in half.</p>
<p>I used a foam wreath ring, cut in half and then glued the pieces at an angle to make the mouth. I then covered it with a piece of see through fabric and used orange duct tape to attach it to the foam</p>
<p>I made this for my 10 year old with help from these instructions. I only burnt myself 5 times with the glue gun ! Thanks for your help!</p>
I was very inspired by your costume so I had to try my own. He turned out pretty cute but a much smaller scale. Thanks for the help!
<p>excellent instructions! I used the spray adhesive instead of sewing the hair.</p>
<p>Hello, Congrats on this awesome build. I love it... This year, I had a choice of 3 different costumes i wanted to do (Groot, Real Steel &quot;Atom&quot;, Animal) and after the Voting was done. Animal took the Cake. So I will be following your guide and making Animal. </p><p>I have only 1 question, Where and what size of chain did you get? and is it Plastic? </p><p>I can't wait to get started on this years costume.</p><p>by the way here was my costumes from the past 2 years, Bender from Futrurama and BeetleJuice &quot;Hammer Hands&quot; 2 years ago.</p><p>thank you,</p><p>Casey</p>
Thanks for the guide, mine turned out great! Never done anything like this before.&nbsp;<a href="http://i.imgur.com/88v1mNl.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://i.imgur.com/88v1mNl.jpg</a>
ANIMAL IS THE BEST! Great work, i bet it was super fun to wear.
Being a Canadian resident, I'm not sure I can get my hands on Sintra Plastic. <br> <br>What else can I use for this step? Also, what else can be used in place of rivets for attaching the Hard Hat to the mache core? What kind of &quot;hoop&quot; will I need as well. I'm going to attempt this and want as much knowledge as possible before I embark on this task.
Just wanted to tell u-your animal costume ROCKs!---so much i attemtped to follow your pattern....best i could....first time wtih paper mache...etc...didnt' think i could do...but your input was GREAT!!!
That group shot is amazing. Well done!!
Well, I did it! I'd never used paper mache or hot glue before but your 'ible was so awesome that the costume came together flawlessly. My kids were skeptical at the beginning of the project and jealous once it was finished. Now they want me to make next year's costumes for them. Mission success!
Fantastic! Well done, but you've pointed out the real challenge...topping it next year! Good luck!
Hey man, you inspired me to craft my own one as soon as i seen this. I didn't quite follow all of your instructions..... but if it wasn't for this guide i wouldn't even of made one in the first place :P lol. <br><br>I have attached a picture of the finished Mask. <br><br>Thanks again!
lol, I like the foam idea much better. Just because I'm very impatient with paper mache. Does yours get too hot after wearing for a long time? (im just guessing cause the foam would get hotter than paper... usually..)
Thanks for the message. Yeah the Mask does tend to heat up a bit especially with all the extra hair (wool) that gets added to it, although with winter fast approaching it does keep the face warm,lol.<br> <br> I have since uploaded an instructable on here detailing how i achieved this:<br> <br> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Muppet-Man-Project/">https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Muppet-Man-Project/</a><br> <br> But as mentioned credit has to go to Thomas here for his instrucable \m/, hope he doesn't mind me adding a link to my page? (If so let me know and i can remove it man)<br> <br> Thanks, Nath
Thanks so much for all the detailed instructions. We slightly modified them, and the result was a perfect animal costume for our 9-year old daughter. Couldn't have done it without your help!
That is FANTASTIC, and makes me so very happy! You are welcome and thank you for sharing this!
Awesome 'ible! <br> <br>What did you use for the mouth hoop?
The mouth hoop was some scavenged plastic from a baby carriage that had a flexible sun shade on top.
gotcha! i'll post pics when i'm done.<br><br>i'm trying to draw up some kind of internal mechanism to move the mouth and eyebrows for added effect but it'll likely have to wait until after halloween....dang it all!<br><br>thanks for the help and, again, really great 'ible.
I love it, but how do you see?<br>
The back of the mouth is covered with skrim fabric. It is see-thru when up close, but opaque from further away.
Ok, thanks!<br>
dude u inspired me for my halloween party costume, my band is playing at my halloween party and we are making costumes and dressing up as electric mayhem now!
Ready for a rock concert? Nice costume!
yeaaaaah, ditto. To each his own though.
this costume is the greatest! 5*
Win win win! I love the costume! And the instructions are clear.
Love it! Awesome costume!<br>For forming Sintra try putting it in boiling water, then form it and dunk it in cold water.
uh, Animal was a drummer.
To make Paper Mache is too boring occupation, I will never do such a costume
Thanks for that
Very nicely done! Animal totally rocks.
Heck yeah, this is awesome!
Awesome costume! An enthusiastic two thumbs up!

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