Animal Food in Mcpe





Introduction: Animal Food in Mcpe

This will show how to get a lot of FOOD!!!!

Step 1: Digging

Dig down till u hit bedrock

Step 2: Animal Time

Fill it up with as many animals as u want

Step 3: Water

Go to the top and fill with water

Step 4: Kill the Animals!!! Hahahahah!!!!!!

Wait till u think the animals have risen up high then place any block at the top then wait just wait

Step 5: Now Go Check on the Animals

Step 6:

Aim for the follow and favorite button or u will destroy the world NOOOOOO!!!!!!



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    Do not use lava it will make the item disappear!! •~•

    Nice!!! I was 9 when i posted my first instructable and I'm still nine now!!

    Well the water floats them up then when you place the block it stops the water and the animals fall to their death

    I'm also new. I have only 2 instructables but they are great. fasc23, I think this is geeat. I will have to try this out.

    Couldn't you just drown them with the water

    Hey thx bobey but the yellow thing is still on there so I don't really want to use it but thx anyway