Step 1: Base

Build a tower to block limit

Step 2: Destroy the Blocks

Destroy the 2 blocks under block limit

Step 3: Fill With Animals

Destroy the big pillar exept the block under the 2 blocks that you destroyd.next you place glase around the 2 blocks that are gone.then you destroy the block at the limit and you fill it whith watever animals you want

Step 4: Let Her Rip

Destroy the block that they stand on and watch the animals fall
<p>I love doing this. Though usually I only put chickens (tons of them) on a single block in the air and destroy the block. I don't like killing the animals that can't fly :( I call it a Chicken Bomb because they stay in a clump until they hit the ground. And no chickens die :)</p>
It's cool it's not the same as mine. You came up with the glass thing and breaking thing on your own.
Ya everyone does no one like someone who copy right ppl
Shut up directioner no likes one direction
Ya ive seen this before im pretty sure its called copy right
Does it work on Minecraft PE?
This seems familiar...

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