Step 4: Choose your sound track and animation and upload your photo

Once you take a photo of your face, simply choose one animation and sound track to animate your picture to and upload it at www.image-me.com

  • All standard formats (jpg, png, gif, tif, bmp) are uploadable
  • File sizes of up to 2MB are uploadable

nice photo animation, it's fun to have an animated picture in your facebook, myspace etc.. try this <a href="http://www.wegif.com/browse/" rel="nofollow">Photo Animation Software</a><br /> <br /> <div id="refHTML">&nbsp;</div>
thats very very cool how doyou do that?? wonderful bravo
Remember,this doesn't have to be just for MySpace. I'd use this for my LiveJournal.Some might go for Facebook, or something else.
OK, nice to learn about new proggies and services on the net, but it seems like you just pasted the instructions from their site. Good staart, maybe next time add in some ways to go about a more complex animation.
Apparently so is maturity.
sweet. too bad myspace is the scum of the internet :)
your right its really stupid

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