Picture of Animated Christmas Package
     My new son in law will be traveling a great distance and spending his first Christmas with us.  To celebrate, I thought I would make one of his packages a little different.  A scrolling message tag will say, "Merry Christmas, Forrest."  A solar powered mini car will race around in circles on top of the package (it is powered by a light above the package).  If you get too close to the package to examine things, a voice will say, "Step away from the package!"

Step 1: Drill Hole in Solar Mini Car

Picture of Drill Hole in Solar Mini Car
 You will need a solar powered mini-car (thinkgeek.com).  Carefully drill a 1/16 inch hole in the side.
PaulCote3 years ago
That is fantastic! Now just have to make gifts that unwrap themselves D:
macmaniac5 years ago
Very nice, good 'ible. How old is your son-in-law?
Kiteman5 years ago
I hope the contents are worth the package!
zjharva Kiteman5 years ago
zjharva zjharva5 years ago
 Well billy sure did enjoy his paperclip. Mr. mrigsby's office supplies presents are always the best. 
zjharva5 years ago
 you sir are one determined man! nice work
jimbom5 years ago
Amazing! You have added so much information and detail. An excellent instructable on a really cute, creative project.
kellychap5 years ago
This is pretty incredible, way beyond my electrical skills but I would love to see it in person!  Well done!
Brilliantly build!, It looks like you have taken care with this. 'Good idea'
and-reas5 years ago
Dont you want to open it up? No that's to darn mistreating the package!

I love it
lemonie5 years ago
I really like this, and it's very well presented. It's good for someone to receive a quality-make as a gift. I'd guess that bright-light and a faster shutter-speed mught show the scrolling-message better, but video-cam's can be a bit tricky sometimes.