Step 32: Attach the "play" Button Wires From the Module to the Relay (N.O. Contact)

 (7) on the schematic
That is fantastic! Now just have to make gifts that unwrap themselves D:
Very nice, good 'ible. How old is your son-in-law?<br />
I hope the contents are worth the package!<br />
&nbsp;Well billy sure did enjoy his paperclip. Mr. mrigsby's office supplies presents are always the best.&nbsp;
&nbsp;you sir are one determined man! nice work
Amazing! You have added so much information and detail. An excellent instructable on a really cute, creative project.<br />
This is pretty incredible, way beyond my electrical skills but I would love to see it in person!&nbsp; Well done!
Brilliantly&nbsp;build!, It looks like you have taken care with this. 'Good idea'
Dont you want to open it up? No that's to darn mistreating the package!<br /> <br /> I love it<br />
I really like this, and it's very well presented. It's good for someone to receive a quality-make as a gift. I'd guess that bright-light and a faster shutter-speed mught show the scrolling-message better, but video-cam's can be a bit tricky sometimes.<br /> <br /> L<br />

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