Picture of Animated Desktop Background
This is a quick, easy, free way to have an animated desktop background.(Using pictures, not videos.) (:P

(Sublime rocks!)
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Step 1: Get The Software

Don't worry. This isn't a hard piece of software to use, find, and isn't pricy.

The link is HERE whitsoftdev.com/files/unfreez.zip


Up There

Step 2: Get Your Pictures

You can either take pictures and make them into an animation, or just use internet pictures. Make them into a folder. (It's easier that way.) P.S. Don't have 1 trillion pictures, because it will create epic noobish lag on your computer, and you have to do something soon that will affect how long this "operation" will take.
Here are the pics I used.

Step 3: Converting Your Pictures To .GIF Files

Picture of Converting Your Pictures To .GIF Files
IF your pictures are not .GIF files, we will have to convert them. This is why you do not want to have too many pictures.(IT TAKES FOREVER.) Open up Microsoft Paint. (If you do not have it, I think there are some downloads on Download.com) Paste one of the pictures in it by copying the picture, (right click, copy.) and then in MS Paint, click on the icon as shown on in the picture. Just click on the top one, not the bottom one.( You'll know what I mean.) Now paste the picture. (Right click, paste.) When saving it, under the area for you to title it, there will be a drop bar. Click GIF and now your picture is in .GIF format, so it will be compatible with the software you downloaded earlier. Do this for all of your pictures.

Step 4: Here We Go!

Picture of Here We Go!
Open up the software you downloaded earlier. Drag each picture into the area where it says "Frames. Drop .GIF files here" You may need to put the same pictures in multiple times consecutively, so they will last longer on the screen,(four times is a good 2 secs.) because the frame delay option doesn't work. Now click "Make animated .GIF" in the bottom left corner.
arneie1 month ago

Artdocks animated desktop wallpaper is nice.

allenmt5 years ago
dude i made one ITS SOOOOOO AWSOME THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
halberdear5 years ago
hey i got all the pictures in and saved it as a .gif but my comp wont except .gif images for my background any suggestions?
SpaceDucky6 years ago
try out this instructable for more animation tips:http://www.instructables.com/id/Stop_motion_animation_made_easy/
timheppner6 years ago
Nice instructable. I will have to try this out when I get some pictures worth animating. Also, got to love the phrase "epic noobish lag" :-)
maharg20 (author)  timheppner6 years ago
You could even draw the pictures and then upload them, from your camera. You just have to watch out for the epic noobish lag, because you can get carried away if your making a good paper animation. This instructable gave me this idea.

maharg20 (author)  timheppner6 years ago
thx (:P
sublimeee. nicee!
maharg20 (author)  beauwalker236 years ago
sublime kicks @55
maharg20 (author) 6 years ago
NOTE: THE SOFTWARE IS FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!