Picture of Animated Halloween Cake
Create an animated Halloween cake using fondant, motors, cardboard, wire, toys, clay, Styrofoam, glue, paper, metal, lights you name it. This one we made for our daughters 2nd birthday since it is close to Halloween.

There are so many Halloween ideas out there. I made the mistake of looking online to see what people make for their Halloween decorations. Wow, so many great ideas out there. Took me a week of reading about other projects to finally give up and go back to our cake.

Video straight to the final product:

Step 1: Planning

Be sure the attempt to sketch out what you want in the end. I find this most helpful to find flaws in my own plans and also easier to explain to anyone who volunteers to help me.
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wow. just, wow.
pduff brown3 years ago
This is truly amazing!! A real work of art! Thanks for sharing!
smwarnke43 years ago
This is by far THE best cake I've EVER seen!!! I'm very impressed to say the least.
BRILLIANT! Its amazing!What a talent. Was it just you who did or or did you get help?
DaPope4 years ago
5 Stars!!! That is incredible!!!
I guess the cake is not a lie.

Great instructable!
Nannuu (author)  ThatInstructablesGuy6 years ago
I have no idea what this means but I'll take the compliment anyway. Thanks.
bmlbytes Nannuu6 years ago
Nannuu (author)  bmlbytes6 years ago
Oh man, I played through Portal and don't even remember that. Thanks, now I'll know next time.
This was a triumph....
I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.

srrsly awesome instructable!

(Those were the first two lines to the end credit song "still alive" in Portal)

tzq33tdq4 years ago
can you please put a video on here? just so i can see what it does and how it looks. I might make so i want to know how it will look like. you don't need to put a photo up. and will it work if i move some of it around?
Thank you, tzq33tdq.
mary candy4 years ago
veryyyyyyyyyyy crazyyyyyyyyyy
I l-o-v-e-d it.
deafman2145 years ago
fireman1155 years ago
Wow i thought those kids in 4H did a good job... this is great
This is very special! I have never seen an animated cake, although my dad animated just about everything in sight! Nice work!
musichic195 years ago
I would love to do this for my nephews 1st b-day he was born on halloween and they are throwing a huge halloween party but the cake hasn't been decided...this looks amazing and I am planning this with a friend. When did you start on the cake?? the same day as the party?
Nannuu (author)  musichic195 years ago
We started 3 weeks prior with mechanics and such. All of the edible stuff, cake, fondant etc we did the night before the party.
thank you!!! =D I hope it comes out just the same
pjjt10096 years ago
it would be very helpfull if you take a pic of the mechanism of the spider because its awesome how it does the jump, hope you could do it
reggierhy6 years ago
Wow that is the coolest cake i have ever seen! You gotta love American ingenuity. Thanks for this most awesome instructable, fun to look at but there is no way a mere mortal could aspire!
The flying crank ghost blew me away. It's absolutely amazing.
same here! I mean HOLY FISH POO!!!! THAT THING IS AWESOME!!!!!!
Nannuu (author)  jellyfishattack7 years ago
Thanks! That was my favorite part of the whole thing.
necropolian6 years ago
this, is absolutely, too perfected, to ever, ever eat. it would be such a great loss... this is unbelieveable! 5*!!!!!!!!!!!!! ps: hope it tastes good :)
Grey_Wolfe6 years ago
Ahhh, but did it get eaten when all was said and done?
Nannuu (author)  Grey_Wolfe6 years ago
Oh yeah, no cake gets wasted here!
what was that thing moving back and forth in the green light inside the purple roofed house?
Nannuu (author)  Instructabuilder6 years ago
That is a ghost. Pepper's ghost to be more specific.
Amazing Cake. And great instructions!
phapboy7 years ago
this is a cake!. holy crap!
tinkernaut7 years ago
Nice!!! Any (cheap) sources for the motors?
Nannuu (author)  tinkernaut7 years ago
Yes, I typically use one of the below. They have great prices but not so great shipping prices so it's best to buy a good chunk from them to lower the shipping per piece. Ha, that's the excuse I tell my wife anyway. I had to get more baby, I swear it's cheaper that way...


Aaahhh, yes. Good old All Electronics. Why didn't I think of them? Do I smell the potential for a good instructable here? "How to get all the tinker toys you want and still save your marriage." :-D
Psyoon7 years ago
wow, i dont even want to ask how long you put into that. it was amazing. Looks like our halloween village on steroids and on a chocolatey spongey goodness that is cake
Shifrin7 years ago
This is so Creative, to bad your daughter iis too young to appreciate it! Nice Job, Great Instructable! Favorited and +1
Cartuner557 years ago
if i were you, i would of waited until she was a bit older. anyway, great idea. you obviously are a crafty person(i am not :D ). Cheers!
rjtodd137 years ago
Wow!! Congratulations! Your daughter is one lucky girl!
nanonano587 years ago
nicest cake i ever seen
Kiteman7 years ago
The kids are actually Polly Pockets with their legs cut off to shorten them.

How gruesomely appropriate!

...cake using fondant, motors, cardboard, wire, toys, clay, Styrofoam, glue, paper, metal, lights...

I hope it tasted better than this sounds!

This is a truly awesome (and that is not a word I use very often, being neither Californian nor an under-age surfer) creation. I still can't get used to the amount of work Americans put into Hallowe'en.

pingeee7 years ago
This is really cool, and your girls are very cute and beautiful
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