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Introduction: Animated Haunted Soul Tree

I decided more than four years ago that I was going to have an animated tree in my haunted house, but for a while, I couldn't figure out how I was going to get it to move. I went through three prototypes before I settled on this design. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

The outside is made using a cement form, 1x2 wood pieces, and Great Stuff. There are two car vent motors moving the jaws of the skulls and limbs of the tree. The movement is similar to a FCG (flying crank ghost). Also, there are green LEDs for the tree eyes and red LEDs for the skull eyes. They glow with the use of a 555 timer. The limbs were counterbalanced to ensure the load wouldn't be too much for the motor to handle.

An MP3 player with voices wailing makes this one scary prop for Halloween. Here is a video of the finished tree. Sorry it's a little shaky.



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    Love your tree. Can you explain how the arms are attached to the tree and the motor?

    1 reply at 3:14, I show an open version of the arm mechanism.

    Hi dionicia12,

    This tree is very cool. My wife and I want to build a tree like yours for halloween 2015.

    Could you explain the mechanism to move the jaws, please. Not the FCG, i dont understand where to place the fishing line at the skulls.

    Would you help a little.


    1 reply

    This is the video of how I did the jaw.

    Way cool.... trying to get a prop made for the haunt I hang out at.

    where do you get the skulls? I love your tree

    1 reply

    I purchased them from Pitini when they had them available for sale to customers a few years back. They havent offered them since, but I keep watching for them.

    Also, you could add a smoke machine. Plus it's great for Halloween night.

    Omg, this is amazing and your very creative

    Wow, that is very spooky! You should include pictures when it's installed. Great work!

    1 reply

    I have a video of my haunt with the tree in the graveyard on Youtube from 2011.