Picture of Animated LED Sign in Photoshop
In this instructable you will learn how to make an animated LED sign in Photoshop. Dont worry ill give you the a PSD of the template in multiple colors. Oh Yeah I made this one for my girlfriend.

Step 1: What you need. (Don't Skip this step.)

You will need the following:

-The template pack below (red, blue, and green)
-Patience... lots of it.
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robot+more5 years ago
great 'ible i used gimp and unfreeze to make mine
amjadur6 years ago
amjadur6 years ago
ander6 years ago
This is like drawing a screensaver frame-by-frame. It'd be immensely more practical just to write a program that lets you type in whatever text you want, then converts it to an animated GIF for you in any format you want. Are there no programmers on this topic? Only graphic artists? Just curious.
DrCoolSanta6 years ago
I aggree with the people that say that MS GIF animator, or any other for that matter will work just as good. After all you aren't using any special effects for the frames. And of course that will be much more easier, I mean it is quite easier to work with such stuff in ms paint and put them up in a freeware animator.

I'll show you something:

It has been some time since I made this animation, and of course I made this in ms paint. nothing fancy, but to make this in photoshop will be so difficult. I mean, yes photoshop is so powerful, but for effects that are so simple, there is no use using a complicated software compared to a normal software.
Yes I could have done that in PS, but then the effect would have been totally different. Much more close to reality.
sardines4548 years ago
anyone know how to do the animation part w/gimp?
Do the same thing. And I mean the same thing. Make the frames in layers and export it to gif.
zachninme8 years ago
Why can't this done using Photoshop in Wine in Linux? It works! Or in GIMP....
It works in gimp, try it out!
I don't think you understood what I meant ;-)
oh i did, i am just saying gimp will work, spread the word, yo
lookatmygrlyfont (author)  zachninme8 years ago
not sure if it works in GIMP cause i dont use it. I also dont use linux w/ wine so idk. If it works let me know though...
sardines4548 years ago
what photoshop ru using?
lookatmygrlyfont (author)  sardines4548 years ago
CS3 for Mac.
Did you get the web design suite?
lookatmygrlyfont (author)  Ora8 years ago
yes. thats what i mostly do.
Have you gotten into Action Script 3.0 in the new flash?
theburn7 Ora7 years ago
The new flash 9 pro that comes with it has actionscript 3.0
lookatmygrlyfont (author)  Ora8 years ago
nope. havent used much flash yet. mostly dreamweaver and photoshop
how much did u pay for cs3? isn't it like 600 dollars?
for this led sign , u can use paint, but if your new to graphic, dont get photoshop, try yourself with the g!mp and if it look serious, get photoshop. its what I did, and its what I guess monstly everyone do.
i am not new to graphic design i just dont feel like paying $600 when i can gimp for free and it does almost everything the same!

Almost =(
lookatmygrlyfont (author)  sardines4548 years ago
Photoshop is better than GIMP. I dont think you can do Animations with the GIMP
You can definitely do animations with the GIMP. You just have to do each frame as a layer and save as an animated GIF. Photoshop is definitely better than the GIMP, but the GIMP is free. You can do most of the same effects, it just takes more time. I'd support a download of the GIMP over pirating CS3.
lookatmygrlyfont (author)  Fenwick8 years ago
my cs3 is not pirated.
I'm not saying that you pirated it, I'm just saying that there are a lot of people who are new to graphic design pirate CS3, where it would be a better moral choice to get the GIMP.

I wasn't trying to be critical, I was trying to convince others that piracy isn't necessary.
lookatmygrlyfont (author)  Fenwick8 years ago
very true though. you do have a point.
how do u put in the template in GIMP?
you select open with gimp
Probably change the extension to .xcf
ac1D8 years ago
photoshop work with wine. if you want to do this, dont use photoshop. use microsoft with a free .gif images animator. lol!
lookatmygrlyfont (author)  ac1D8 years ago
hmm you barley speak english. um no photoshop is 100 times better than anything youll get from M$.
i agree with you, i totally agree. But, i dont want to be rude, but look.. your led are just little circle, no effect, nothing. This Really look like you used ms.paint. everyone could reproduce it in paint!
lookatmygrlyfont (author)  ac1D8 years ago
LEDs are circle. Well most of them. when you do better please tell me. Yes sure it needs work. I guess i should just delete this damn thing since everyone is hating on it.
i know they are circle. take a led and a battery. look at the led when its lighten, look directly at it. its not a flat blue color.
lookatmygrlyfont (author)  ac1D8 years ago
hmm i could add an effect to it to make it look glowing true true..
just duplicate each layer. gausian blur. then blend the layers. ac1d... i'm assuming you did something similar?
Barley, noun: a cereal grass
egreen7677 years ago
So awesome! I made one in photoshop elements.... took me like an hour
You have to click on it and make it larger for it to work apparently...
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