Introduction: Animated Optical Illusion!

Learn how to create your own animated optical illusions. Based on the popular book, Magic Moving Images.


nancyp129 (author)2017-10-03

how do you crop the images (looks cut up) as you did in the videos?

nuthara (author)2015-07-21


Coolorange (author)2010-08-28

This is the work of the devil, every thing is 6 0.0

bfanger (author)Coolorange2015-03-31

what a talented individual he is! :D

its actually 666.

manuel.fischer.946 (author)2015-01-11

mrgott (author)2013-04-10

check out animated optical illusion app
instead of printing the files you can enjoy them on your device everywhere you go

przypadkowynick (author)2012-09-08

You can download images to print here ---> :)

jayiscool (author)2012-08-06

could you tell me the site i can print the image on thank you

Cientistanimal (author)2011-12-21

Magic is very good, but to be able to do, needed to print the images, you could tell me the site where I can print the images? (Please)

MFJones (author)2011-10-06

Bookmarked! Very cool.

ildam (author)2011-05-27

Can you tell me a site where i can found this image to print it?
Thank you very much.

md1234 (author)2011-04-09


caos95 (author)2011-03-19

cool man
at first i thought it was like on the computer
nice work

kylebusch18 (author)2010-12-19

very cooool

prankmaster109 (author)2010-07-14

aw some!!!!!!!!!!

gcatp6 (author)2010-04-14


XOIIO (author)2010-03-25

OK that second one was amazing!

extremewraps (author)2010-03-06


wocket (author)2010-02-22

wow, i have to try that!

and-reas (author)2010-02-21

the 3d turning one is awesome!

ntz (author)2010-02-20

Verry nice.... gj

merijnvw (author)2010-02-20

 good idea, I;m going to use this for a card

LividMonkey (author)2010-02-18

Freakin' amazin'!

Wesley666 (author)2010-02-14

I have 6 balls!  HAHA!  Sorry, sorry, I had to say it!

bobbyderf123 (author)Wesley6662010-02-16


Wesley666 (author)bobbyderf1232010-02-16

Watch the video, he says he needs 6 balls...

thedubbedmime (author)2009-09-07

well done! i was wondering, could i make a 7 frame picture if i did a 7:1 ratio?

I believe that as long as you stick to the ratio, you could do as many frames as you wanted (or as is physically possible with your printer).

CamWaite (author)DethAginstDeath2010-02-15

 but you have to bear in mind that if yuo make a big ratio you would have big gaps that would ruin any fine details?

Lance Mt. (author)CamWaite2010-02-16

Seems good in theory and it mightn't actually drop in detail THAT much...

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