Easy animation using microsoft powerpoint. the idea is simple but instructions folllow
First get all the pictures shown in image 1 and copy them onto a clean slide
now as shown in image 2 put them together.
Look at image 3 and as shown there make many more slides with your character in very slightly different positions ( do this by copying individual parts again)
finally change transition to after 00.00.01 seconds and then watch slide show (shown in  image 4,5 & 6, in image 6 simply type 00.00.001 into the box)

<br> Could you add the finished .ppt?<br> <br> L<br>
<p>what do you mean by that</p>
<p>It means &quot;I approve of this comment&quot; - it's what we do here instead of that obnoxious &quot;Like&quot; thing.</p>
<p>good job</p>
Can't help there - we can't force folk to look at projects. <br><br>It is up to the author to persuade folk to look, with an informative, yet interesting, title, an attractive thumbnail image, and then an enticing/informative introduction.
What's &quot;unfriendly&quot;? <br> <br>The project describes making an animation, so where's the &quot;unfriendliness&quot; in asking to see the finished project?
that seems like a good idea but it may not be very affecive

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