Hello everybody! This macaw was part of a work of biology at the college of my daughter, who was attempting to educate people not to buy wild animals. This beautiful animal, natural tropical forests of South America, is highly coveted by smugglers.
In captivity, unlikely to receive necessary care.
I did this and the other animals as if they were being bred in captivity, reproducing their sorrow and ill-treatment with some simple changes in papercraft and pasting a bit crooked and crumpling the paper. However, if you make one, can portray the beauty of this animal simply by pasting the paper as the assembly instructions.

Videos -
Using R / C radio to determine the limits of the servo and test the skeleton:

With arduino:

Materials needed:
- Papercraft download (free): http://cp.c-ij.com/en/contents/3157/green-winged-macaw/index.html
- 16 sheets A4
- A clothes-peg
- Tree of a 6 inch screws with nuts
- A piece of copper wire about 20 cm
- A standard servo and a mini servo
- 2 servo extension cables
- A piece of balsa wood (15 x 15 cm) * can also use thick cardboard
- A piece of Styrofoam
- a piece of velcro (10x 5 cm)
- An Arduino
- Welding, pieces of wire (I used a cable network), breadboard, glue, hot glue,  scissors, etc ...

Step 1: Assembling Papercraft :

First, we print, cut and assemble the papercraft

Assemble the following parts and book:
Head - 1,2,3 and 4
Tail - 5.6 e1
Torso - 8
* Tail and torso together
assembling the piece 9 and book
Thighs - 10 and 11
Paws -  22, 25, 23 and 26
Wings - right, left and 16 12.13, 14.15 and 17
* Join the wings with the number 18 and book
I'd love to see a video of this in action.
very nice good work

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