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This is for people who are beginning to draw anime please note that i'm not the best drawer in the world.

Step 1: Step One: Size

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Make the shape of what your animes size (we will get to the drawing part

Step 2: Step Two: Making Your Body

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Trace the outsides of you shape make sure u erase the insides (its ok if u edit some)

Step 3: Step 3:Draw Face

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Were finally into the face draw the best u can i also put a copyright on my eyes

Step 4: Step 4: Draw the Hair

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Its quite simple just draw hair its simple

Step 5: Step 5: Draw Clothe

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Draw the clothe simple to if u have no idea what to draw for your clothe look in your closet.

Step 6: Step 6: Color

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At the end you should color to make it more better

Step 7: End

That's how you make a anime please coment what i should do next.


anime girl123 (author)2017-02-27

nice drawing i draw FURRYS

gigagamer16 (author)2015-12-27

A few pointers
1 You can't put a copyright on eyes that have been drawn thousands of times before you have.
2 An anime is a japanese animated cartoon, this however has never been animated. What you have is more like an anime/chibi style original character.

Lol thx for the tips

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-12-27

Nice drawing tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

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