Picture of Anime Eyes
I'm using the app paper 53 (this is MEB) and you do not have to but I'm gonna save paper. So first step is to get your supplies.
-A drawing utensil (with paper I prefer mechanical pencil)
-paper (of course >_<)
-coloring supplies (I like marker and pen but I REALLY want copic markers for my birthday and/or Christmas)
-willingness to draw (should come naturally )

Step 1: The Out Line

Picture of The Out Line
13, 7:06 PM.jpg
13, 7:06 PM.jpg
13, 7:06 PM.jpg
There are many ways to do this. I will show you three.
The square eye is my least favorite. But some people have that shape eye. I personally don't really like to draw it at all unless somebody wants me to characature them and they have that eye.
The round eye is my second favorite. Some people have that shape eye and it's fun to draw.
The everything eye is my absolute favorite. You can spread the top and bottom lines out. And put them longer and closer together for a more narrow eyed person. And make the bottom line more curved for a "droopyier" eyed person. Pick your favorite, this one is definetly mine.
My best friend is a manga artist this is not considered manga this is a cartoon eye
MEB and OJB (author) 1 year ago
Paper 53
Bellie141 year ago
Sorry - what app did you use?