Picture of Anime Eyes
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Step 1: Step One

Picture of Step One
Draw two lines that are curving toward each other on both ends

Step 2: Step Two

Picture of Step Two
Add the top of the bottom eyelash

Step 3: Step Three

Picture of Step Three
Draw the top eyelash. You can add extra eyelashes coming off to the side if you want.

Step 4: Step Four

Picture of Step Four
Finish off the bottom eyelash

Step 5: Step Five

Picture of Step Five
Add the highlight to the eye. Remember: Anime girls are often drawn looking as though they could burst into tears at any moment. Adding more than one highlight is a good way to show this

Step 6: Step Six

Picture of Step Six
Add the iris (the colored part) and the pupil.

Step 7: Step Seven

Picture of Step Seven
Add the eyelid and the eyebrow above the eye.

Step 8: Step Eight

Picture of Step Eight
This is going to be the last text box. For the second eye do pretty much the same thing as the first eye. For this character I've drawn her turned slightly away so one eye appears thinner than the other. The second eye should be just a little bit thinner than the first and the pupil and iris should look like they belong in that eye. Remember there are lots of different styles of anime eyes and this is just one, if you would like to see another please let me know. Or if you would like me to do a drawing tutorial of another specific thing let me know. Thanks!!

Step 9:

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Step 10:

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Step 11:

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Step 12:

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Step 13:

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Step 14:

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I love the way you draw these! Don't listen to mean people they are just jealous
Abigail1323 (author) 2 years ago
How is it in the wrong section?
agetu2 years ago
wrong section
You just be quiet skysky these are amazing- you're just jealous