Anique style kitchen island/table refinishing on a budget

Picture of Anique style kitchen island/table refinishing on a budget
About 14 years ago, my mom bought a cheap, build it yourself kitchen island with stools. When I moved out, I took it with me and used it as a work bench in my garage for the past 6 years or so. This thing has been abused, hammered on, drilled, spray painted many, many, times, and has had gasoline, brake cleaner, and various other chemicals spilled on it. Needless to say, it was pretty rough, and I don't think that it was ever meant to last this long, even under it's intended use.

My wife and I are now moving to an apartment where I will have no space for a work bench, I was going to throw it out, but I decided that I would do a little bit of experimenting with it first.

I have always been into reclaimed materials being used as interior decor, and saving old pieces and giving them a new lease on life, but this was my first attempt at "Reduce, Reuse, and Redesign"

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Step 1: STEP ONE

Picture of STEP ONE

Pick out the old table, workbench, or what have you that you want to bring back to life. Take it apart (if applicable) and clean it. As you can see mine was pretty filthy, so your cleaning time, may not take as long as mine.

Step 2: STEP TWO

Pick your color for the legs and paint away!

My apologies, I forgot to take pictures of this step.

I used Rustoleum white simi-gloss for this. It was a good price, and covers really well. 4 cans gave me several good coats on the island base, and the stools.
villain001 made it!1 month ago
thanks! I been trying to figure out a way to do a distressed stencil finish on out coffee table. with the help of my daughter we came up with this. I used a clear coat finish
PDXHICKS6 months ago

That turned out beautiful. Loved your stencil work on the distressed wood finish. The stenciling on the top of the little stool is a nice touch too. Inspired here.

jasonfehrs1 year ago
The stenciling really sets it off. Nice job.
Well done. I like using a penetrating oil like linseed oil to finish off the "aged" look. Linseed oil is a finish, so it will protect the surface somewhat, but over the years as it oxidizes, it adds to the richness and color of the surface. If the piece is heavily used, you can always add polyurethane over the top with no problems. I'd also fashion a plug for that circular hole just so it does not collect debris, but these are choices for the user!
I love the new look - it has tons of character :D