Picture of Annoy 90% Of Under 20 Year Olds
Annoy 90% Of Under 20 Year Olds, with high frequency* noise.

Step 1:
Download the attached sound.

Step 2 : Burn a c.d. with the sound on it, or put it on a device.

Step 3: play it!


you all said it didnt work because it was mp3, so i have made a .wav version with blips of silence so they're not able to ignore the sound, also, dont play it to loud or it goes funny (or atleast it does with my speakers)
-warning! wav file is 10.1mb but it is also 1:15 min long-

I'm really sick of people asking me how to download this sound, please read the other comments it has already been answered

to make the .wav file playable do this

1.open notepad 2.drag the .tmp file into notepad3.click save as4. click the save as type box, and change it to "all files" 5.name it "noise.wav"  without quotes, remember to type .wav it is important6.do as you wish

wooo happy one years of sound induced pain(in 5 days time(26/07/07)).
Revan_Taros6 years ago
use it as the chain email of doom. they open the email and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *ding*, you are now deaf
How did you get the text box to go so far out?
Or just a simple hack... lol :D
HOMEPIE648 years ago
dude don't these kind of sounds cuase hearing damage
this type of sound can cuase severe hearing imparments if it is active near you for a few hours but for a prank say 10 min it does no harm
I don't think you got the irony of my post. I was joking...hearing loss...."what?"..get it?
oh lol
aiden120000 (author)  HOMEPIE648 years ago
I tried to record this on my cell phone just using the recording button thing and even with the volume tuned all the way up and phone right against speakers, the phone couldnt hear/record the noise but it heard the click of my mouse in background so I know it was working.
that phone must be part of the 10% percent
with cell phones - Some mobile telephonic devies have microphones that arent that good at picking up high frequency sounds such as this one. I suggest just downloading it and then using USB wires to transfer it. :)
you probably have a very old phone
its not that old its a Verizon wireless v3 Razr
cell phones cant hear other recordings or high pitched noises, i've tried it. it stinks.
wow dude it was a joke? didnt u get it? its and OLD phone so it couldnt Hear the high frequency.... lol
OHH lol.
I just downloaded it to my desktop the sent it to my mobile via bluetooth.
i dont have bluetooth on my lap top : (
there's always mobile17.com Make an account upload the content and they will send it to your phone and wah lah! FREE!!
macca4life7 years ago
i done it in school today :D YAY! i found my new tourture weapon because in english the teacher is 54 and i continously play it BUT i put in seperate earphones in soci dont hear it as much and everyone is shouting will someone try and get rid of that f***ing noise its giving me a headache so i put it louder and louderand then half the class got sent to the headmaster for going insane saying they could hear the noise so i asked the teacher could i go down to the toilets which are coincidecently is just next door to the headmasters office and i plantd my phone where there was a small brick missing and hid it in there and played FULL BLAST and then they all got suspended X-D i couldnt stop laughing
hey, do u think this would work on my neighbors annoying dogs that won't stop barking....?
as a matter of fact yes dogs can hear higher frequancies then us so download the noise and download some wave editor thing and put the sound on he editor and higher the frequancy so you cannot hear it but younger people can and get it on your phone and play it full blast and put it on a loop and the next morning you will see a dog nawing your neighbours balls off lol it should work i do it to the kids in school im suspended now because they found out it was me but it was funny for the time being my careworker neva een shouted or grounded me all she said was dont do it again :) :)
could it potentially be made to make their heads explode
LOL Damn ownage.
so that was you lol good one johns gunna be peeved of at you though if he finds out dont worry im not grassing :)
please note im from england and where it says 1:34am it should be 10:34 pm ;)
b1tbang3r5 years ago
 Ok, these are very crappy downloads. No offence, but I tried these, and they're not annoying. Everyone can hear them. Here is the best ones I found and they turned out to be pretty promising. I turned one on, and my eyes immediately started to water and i had a headache from showing like 3 people who couldn't hear it at all. So go to  www.teenbuzz.org/  and download the 21 or 22 kHz  .WAV  format for best effect. By the way, like NobodyInParticular said,  .MP3 sucks, so don't get it.
First of all, 15kHz is not a high enough pitch to exclude many older listeners. However, it may already be too high for young people who frequently listen to loud music with earphones.

Secondly, the clicks in the WAV file have not been rounded off at all, so those are clearly audible to anyone.

But the main problem with doing this on a computer is that all but the best sound cards and speakers will not reproduce it correctly. Instead, their attempt at reproducing the sound will make clearly-audible subharmonics. Saving this as an MP3 just makes the problem worse, as the MP3 format is designed to omit information that most people cannot hear. So you probably need a dedicated oscillator circuit and a piezo element tuned to somewhere around the desired frequency.
my dad is 35 and can easily hear it. sorry to bust your bubble. If you want to annoy people in school, take tech classes, especially electronics. if you ever experiment with sound you just put in about a 500 ohm less resistor than you are supposed too. if people can still hear that, experiment.
Is that a birdhouse?
I have no clue.
you didnt really burst their bubble its jes dat most peeps over 20 cnt hear it cuz of bd hearing
It's not really bad hearing, just minor deteioration of the hair cells in the cochlea due to age. They still hear very well, just not a such a high (and useless) frequency.
enerarevir6 years ago
What is it? I'm 52 and can hear it all quite clearly en at 2% volume on my speakers. I find it hard to believe that most people my age, or even younger can't hear that.
LaxLuvr7 years ago
THIS IS TORTURE ! I'm under 20 and let me say this is horrible
You Can Say Thet Again...And Again... And Again...Ok, Someone Slap Me
No problem =P Just doing my work
Derin LaxLuvr7 years ago
i will listen to it for the rest of the day!
UltraMagnus7 years ago
This is my ring tone. yeah, it works great
theres is a website (that i dont know the name of) that you can get this as a ringtone. so, if it goes of, the teacher wont know, hopefully...
blugyblug7 years ago
Check this link. Its pretty cool
Hearing test
owwww my head....
I'm 32 and i can hear every one of the sounds in this test... although 16000 is a little harder than the rest, I can still hear it easily. I can definitely hear all of them though.
its funny, the highest i can hear is 18000Hz and im 13.But, I heard it way before my sister and she's 15
awang86 years ago
How come I can't download the .wav file? The .mp3 file works and it bugs the hell out of me. (Oops I've given away my age group)
geeklord6 years ago
How'd you make this?
Ds HaKa7 years ago
i put it in audacity and made it 47 seconds long put it on my ipod n now when school starts im going to play it through class
teacherlau7 years ago
can i simply rename the tmp file ?
play thison your computer a while and you will have a headache this realy works
squadexodus7 years ago
Its funny, I hear this sound almost 90% of the time anyway, Im used to it i guess.
You may have a hearing disorder called Tinitus, which causes a buzzing in the ear canals. Go to a Doctor and get it checked out.
pedrotome7 years ago
Well, I guess I'm one of the 10% of the Under-20-year-olds, since it doesn't annoy me. At all. It's a very high-pitched sound, but it ain't annoying. :x Well, I guess if a friend tries to prank the class, I wont start yelling and get suspended. :D OR I could play it FULL FRIGGIN BLAST and not get affected. :D
Pothuset7 years ago
Sorry, I'm 48 and I can't stand it!
Derin7 years ago
I'm nearly 42 and can easily hear it. After listening to it for a few minutes it gives me an odd nauseous kind of headachy feeling. Wierdly I have tinitus as well and have a constant kind os hiss in my hearing.
jessel7 years ago
what is the name of the noise so i can download it
im gonna try it at the ymca's teencenter
CJ Pain7 years ago
I downloaded the second one and it worked
i had to download the file first then drag it to the notepad. thnx
newkiraj8 years ago
u can set this as ur cell ringtone so ur teachers cant hear it f ur still in school !
So I've heard
Haha, beautiful. I did this all through Spanish class after my friend did it on his phone, so they don't know who is doing it. And it freakin' hurts!
cannonman7 years ago
i too took it to school it was aswome i made all the kids mad and they did not even know it was me
yeah it is so funny i linked my ipod up to some hi frequncy speekers and every one started getting headakes lol!
agent cannonman7 years ago
Do it during the Standarized Tests :P Or hack the intercom system Hmmm... :P
Q-bit7 years ago
you bastard!!! :D it is really annoying :D
Uru Wolf7 years ago
Easer way to download: Right click the link and select "Save Target As..."
Mortimeir7 years ago
My Dad is 40 and he can hear it! XD
boygenuis327 years ago
Jesus! That Fing ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gangster217 years ago
how do you put it on itunes?
Briguy97 years ago
HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE I added this noise to my PSP and all I have to do is play it from my Main menu and it gives a headache to anyone who hears it, even 30+ year olds!
van887 years ago
Hahah, that's great... but I can't hear it :)
I think some solid Jethro played on a Denon or Onkyo receiver at a crazy high volume will do the trick too!
Yah, you don't even need notepad or 3GP converter. All I did was used firefox to download it to desktop, right click, nename to noise.wav, and it worked fine ( Windows XP OS btw...if that helps any :P).
*EDIT* rename, not nename, sorry :D. And this is awesome, I can finally get the lil punk next door back for waking me up all the time, by burning this onto a CD-R continuously and just set my stereo out full blast. Wait until he gets a load of 700 MB of pure hell...lmao. :D
finlaychief7 years ago
i got to find sum way 2 get my phone to play as it can not playthis frequency very audibly maybe if i amplifi it i could play during school asembly muhahaha
LoL.... We had a test today and I finished faster than anyone else, when I was done,I let this ring very loudly,the teacher had no idea what was going on,and my classmates which I disliked very much, kept getting irritated by the noise, they also had no idea where the sound was coming from. Now I'm waiting for the test grades,I want to know how the others did. :~D
Just got back the results, and I got 100! :) Unfortunately one person still got a 90 and two others got an 80. :( However, the rest got 70s and 60s !! I also got the highest grade in the class! When the teacher asked why so much people did so badly,they(my classmates) said that they could not concentrate because of a sound they heard that gave them headaches. The teacher simply said "nonsense" and "excuses" because a few students still managed to pass and that she does not recall of hearing anything! Muhahahaha!!! :D
nice i got to try that to bad my cellphone speaker can't play it
you tricky ass sly dog
I love it!
your mean, lol
MrCoffee8 years ago
Grado SR80 headphones really bring out the best of this sound. And by best, I mean even after I turned it off I swear I can still hear it. Everybody who can hear this should now appreciate what I have to listen to when a room gets really quiet (tinnitus).
Cameronk8 years ago
not that bad...
Cameronk8 years ago
you can always just get a three year old that screams that seems to piss people off
egreen7678 years ago
There sure must be a lot of hearing loss going around, because I'm 38 and I can definitely hear it.
me too, i'm 35
Saga bluelion9 years ago
I'm 29 and can hear it as clear as day. I admit, thought, that while downloading I was nervous in anticipation that I may soon be reminded of the fact that I am no longer a spring chicken. And aside from being audible, the sound makes my ears itch and feels as if it were shaking loose the ear wax from my inner ear canal.
saites2001 Saga9 years ago
I saw this on the edge of I-hacked a couple of months ago, and it said it's around 40+ (and for some people, 50+) before you start losing your ability to hear high pitched sounds like this.
aiden120000 (author)  saites20018 years ago
can i have the link
cute cat
musicman3868 years ago
hey i am under twenty and i can hear it... but it doesn't annoy me that much. the breaks in the sound are like rest stops. i guess my brain just uses that time to regain my human sanity and prepare for the next round.
this wud be bril if it wasn't only me in my house that cud hear it
dude i was playing over and over and i got a mad headach. this is cool!
Daykun8 years ago
I must be one of the 10%, I can hear the sound perfectly but it doesn't annoy me at all. I guess it should be even higher... I might try that later on... Also, I guess I will make one that is so high that it annoys dogs (like, a dogwhistle on my mobile...) I hope it will work (possibly my phone-speaker doesn't have that frequency-range...)
omg so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i think ill play it to my sis lol
killboy14738 years ago
help me download it someone please
you can download 3gp video converter from google, or ares, or limewire. etc. but remember to convert it to .WAV
Jim_Knowles8 years ago
I just downloaded this file. I had to change the extension from .TMP to .WAV then it worked. At first I thought "This ain't so bad." then after maybe five seconds, it got annoying, then rapidly it got worse. I shut it down after a total playing time of maybe ten seconds, and five minutes later i still feel nauseous and have a headache. I thought the idea was us over thirty folks couldn't hear this at all. I'm 57 and I heard it a lot better than I wanted to!!!
How do u change it from tmp to wav
you have to download 3gp video converter, then drag the file in the converter and convert it to .WAV then it will work.
killboy14738 years ago
i downloaded the noise.wav and it saids it can't be opened temporary file, no program will open it, help
godsdead8 years ago
Ah ah ahh my ears 0_o i dont liek it =[
eviltechie8 years ago
I found it on the new york times website.
aiden120000 (author)  eviltechie8 years ago
are you serious! where?
yes, please post the link!
HAHA! This is great! Every morning my ipod wakes me up with this wav! I love it! Thanx!

paappraiser8 years ago
over 35 and can hear as clear as a bell. what is it about 16-17Khz ..
jesse918 years ago
oh my god...im in love with that noise. i even downloaded audacity so i cold hear it more lol btw im 15 and if you didnt guess i can hear it perfectly :)
butcher998 years ago
very few piano teachers tune by ear. They all use electronic tuners. Even a deaf person can tune piano. Of course a sense of pitch helps to get close to start with but after that it is all electronic
rajr1108 years ago
it says ERROR 404: Not Found
rajr1108 years ago
i cant download this
isuxusux8 years ago
so how do you download it?
FlyerDie8 years ago
hey..i have 31yrs and still listen that "electric" noise!!! sounds like a TV without signal...
not all people are the same, I did try with a different audio file at 17KHz and while I could listen it my friend couldn't ( I and my friend are 18years old). Usually but not ever older people have less hearing sensitivity
True, but i know of one gal here in her 40s whose hearing is getting better and it's actually a bother to her as every tiny sound grates on her nerves. Also: have people listen as you play a piano keyboard up the scales, and some people can't hear the higher notes at all, or they sound much quieter as they can't hear them as well. These are not candidates for a job as a piano tuner obviously.
eh. the clicking in the wav really takes away from the annoyance.
FreakCitySF8 years ago
I found plenty of people over 20 that could hear it, but very cool though. Much older folks over 50 couldnt hear it. Can you make one to sell about the size of a film canister? Ill pre pay :)
aiden120000 (author)  FreakCitySF8 years ago
sorry i wouldn't know how :(. also i really have no idea why it comes up as a tempoary file either, oh well.
RDFNWY8 years ago
Is there anyway you could make this a cell phone ringtone for kids who hav there cell phone in school so the teacher cant hear it?
frollard RDFNWY8 years ago
Thats a common tactic used these days, you can download the ringtone everywhere. Google it.
theadamlevy8 years ago
dude this sucks. my grandma of 70 can hear this noise
FreakCitySF8 years ago
Download the file, change the extension to .wav I converted it to Mp3 and it worked just the same!
The pain. It burns. lol i sent it to all my friends next day they couldn't here anyhting
hg3418 years ago
i know a way 10000000000000x funnyer first make a led flasher useing a 555 timer to power it use a 9v or 2.... then put a buzzer where the led gos and use a 4.7 cap to make it go very very fast
Alphaviking8 years ago
Wow, ten megabytes? That'll take a long time for this connection. And it's only a little over a minute long? What else do you have on there? A few programs?
did you see the file ending???? .WAV !!! 1 minute ~ 10 MB that was the generation BEFORE mp3
aiden120000 (author)  kiwisaft8 years ago
yes but unlike mp3 wav dosnt filter out unhearable frequencys, ill gie you a 10 second one if youd like
SeaLion8 years ago
Its not that much of a pain when you hear it...but...afterwards...ITS A PAIN!
Kill Wog8 years ago
Well i still Got one speaker left..........
viper200958 years ago
holy crap im 15 and i almost smashed my speakers after hearing this, I think im going to find a good way to use this soon... neighbors beware.
deadwhale8 years ago
Like Slorge says:
May 18, 2007. 2:59 PMslorgesays:
Download Audacity and create your own sound. Goto >Generate>Tone, then waveform type=Sine, Frequency=12000 or higher, amp=1, duration=however long you want it (in seconds)
I created my own and have been listening to it for several minutes. I feel the need to either take some Excedrin or kill someone.

Make it stereo, make two frequencies about 60 cycles apart and let the two beat against each other. This really drives you nuts. Have fun.
i got it up to 20000Hz and i can still hear it when its on, but it doesnt really bother me.
doublefry8 years ago
i did the audacity thing i thought my ears were bleeding gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
double838 years ago
Hey, I'm 23 and can still hear it. It's the same noise a t.v. makes when just the t.v. is on but not the cable box (i.e. no signal/picture). Also, I have spent the better part of my life since I could drive listening to heavy bass (I had a 143 dB set up in a jeep). I mention that only because I was always told that listening to music at that level would damage my hearing... guess not. BTW a jet engine is about 140 dB.
I can't download the sound.
tgip8 years ago
Most people will be able to hear this sound, unless they were listening to music WAY too loud and damaged their eardrums. I'm 37 and hear it perfectly. And I belive that any one tone played for long enough will eventually annoy someone ;) give a 3-4 year-old a whistle and watch people around him/her. (p.s. - I happen to like rap! And i like it loud) I also remember reading somewhere that women can hear higher pitches than men (on average).
Pudge8 years ago
My dog and i can hear it! IT HURTS!!!
OMG! This totally works. I downloaded it and started playing it, couldn't hear it so I turned up the volume & the five kids in my house ( one 5yr,two 8yr,one 9yr & one 21yr olds) all started freaking out. They were screaming what is that noise? I was laughing so hard I almost fell off of the chair. I couldn't hear a thing! Thanks so much, now I have a weapon of my own. Lol!!
Hawaii000008 years ago
Thats sooooo cool!! I tried it on my mum and she couldn't hear a thing. I think I should try using it to send morse code messages to my neighbors using my guitar amp., that way no adults can hear. Being a kid RULES!!!
bobbyk8818 years ago
get 4 big speakers and plug them in to a cd player with this tone you can annoy anyone and plus it will be loud
joshuajahr9 years ago
im 13 and i listened to it and its torture! pure evil in the form of a noise! i shall find a frequency that bugs u old people as revenege!
Its called rap.
erevos fuzvulf8 years ago
aiden120000 (author)  joshuajahr9 years ago
im not old im 13
sorry to say that, but really why do you post this form of evil? i kinda thought you were old cus well... you posted this...
you wont be able to do it. as you get older, the range of your hearing gets smaller, so the only things i can hear (being older than you) are the things you can hear, and it just goes downhill for you from there. on the other hand, rap bugs most old people, so id stick to that.
JMarshall8 years ago
When i was a kid my father was a police officer, he was the SWAT trainer for the station and as such had access to a whole bunch of nasty things, one day to play a joke on me he installed devices in the electrical outlet in my room. These devices were small sound generators that were well made, and produced a sound not unlike this one. I found it after about an hour of looking, and uninstalled it. My father later told me there was a supplier that sold them, you could either get them designed to be hardwired or run off a 9v battery. I have been looking for the supplier for years and haven't found it, but now I may just make one myself...
look no futher if you know how to mod you can git one of those pest deturrents that make sound and slow down the playback speed
what a naughty dad. i bet he knew you would be looking and looking and looking. Dads are like that, us grandads are as well. Wild toothless cackle.
aiden120000 (author)  JMarshall8 years ago
glad to help
Fr0st JMarshall8 years ago

They're usually called somethign liek that. A lot of people make them and you can buy them off ebay.
Immi8 years ago
Um. I'm 42 and I can hear it annoyingly loud and clear. Go figure.
slorge8 years ago
Download Audacity and create your own sound. Goto >Generate>Tone, then waveform type=Sine, Frequency=12000 or higher, amp=1, duration=however long you want it (in seconds)
I created my own and have been listening to it for several minutes. I feel the need to either take some Excedrin or kill someone.
jdstar8 years ago
I am 31 and it kinda bothers me!
Could you get a copy of the sound up as soon as possible? The link is down.
rajr1108 years ago
it dosent bug me and i am 11
rajr1108 years ago
i want it but how when i click on the soppy thing The webpage cannot be found this comes up please help me i really need this
pyro138 years ago
HOLY CRAP that is pure evil in the form of sound. both me and my dog can hear it and i can even hear it when i have earplugs in ps: is there any way to make the sound longer as in to play continually for an hour or so?
aiden120000 (author)  pyro138 years ago
use the repeat feture on the device playing it.
not to sound stupid b ut what button is it? :) also are you a pyro like me? i just tried flint throwies (a cool instructalbe) AND IT WORKED AND WAS AWSOME
Chanmachine8 years ago
ow. its kind of like when i leave my tv on "line" i have to turn it off or i cant fall asleep.
Ynothna8 years ago
I can hear it just fine, but it doesn't annoy me, probably because I live in a house with 10+ computers running 24/7 generating the same sound. A very cool idea though, wish I had thought of it was I was in highschool.
Wow! 10+ computers! I wish I had that many! TGT
Well, they're not all mine, I personally own 3 of them, 2 desktops, 1 server, then I also have my work computer, belongs to the business, but I take care of it. The others are room mates computers and other work computers. It's not bad having that many computers...except when you're the only one who knows how to service them...
vince0868 years ago
That is a great ringtone for class but one of my teachers can hear it so I got in trouble
xyko8 years ago
hey u know i have an idea i have been looking for something like this because i want to use it for those telemarketers they allways call my house so i needed a sound that would produce an anoying sound ha ha ha ha ha i wish i new a cite were the sound is higher
Lancealator8 years ago
It wont let me download it on that soapys site
aiden120000 (author)  Lancealator8 years ago
sorry its been taken down. ill make a copy, eventually
Kietchwa8 years ago
wa ha ha this is now my text msg sound... none of my teachers can hear it and i have never been hapier lol also fun for the class
some what anoing, tho i can here the high freq from crt's
So can I--in the computer lab at our school i was about to go crazy!
etskinner8 years ago
this is the same sound from another site: http://download.npr.org/anon.npr-mp3/atc/atc_teenbuzz.mp3
DannyHunt8 years ago
I just played the sound for a 60 year old, 52yo, my 11yo son and me (37yo) and we ALL heard it. Very annoying too. A friend tried this on a group of adults at a party I was at once. Everyone heard it. I've never seen it actually work. Meaning kids hear it but over 30yo people don't. Oh well
yeah i have found this before and it has worked before - but this sound isn't high enough. it is supposed to be much higher like a mosquito type sound. don't worry, if you really want it to work, then search for the mosquito noise.
or you could just download "Audacity" and mess with the pitch yourself
aiden120000 (author)  McNostril8 years ago
go genarate>frequency>1500Hz/15kHz
when you said to go on to audacity and generate the tone 1500Hz/15Hz, do you mean both at the same time, or to try either one?
unmdec8 years ago
HubmaN8 years ago
I could hear it as well as anyone else I know... I think that's because of the audio compression of MP3 files. They cut off anything we can't hear (we including adults too), like really high and really low sounds. So you end up with something that sounds like the original thing, but similar to a photograph of a live event-you can't really observe anything special in it.
NightmarE8 years ago
how do you download it?
I ordered an electronic device years ago out of a catalog that emits a high pitch noise just like this, it was called the "sonic nauseator" but it was confiscated at school. someone needs to instructablize one of those, or tell me where I can buy one again.
Andrew5468 years ago
I find it very ironic you have spelled "frequency" correctly, then put an asterisk next to it, accompanied by a matching asterisk at the bottom next to the misspelled word "speeling," in an attempt to indicate you are unsure of the spelling. I also find it amazing that in nearly 8 months you haven't had access to a dictionary or spell checker.
aiden120000 (author)  Andrew5468 years ago
Has it really been 8 months?
yeah, just about. And even after having it pointed out, you haven't fixed it, which is more ironic.
aiden120000 (author)  Andrew5468 years ago
i dont want to fix it
kh-freak8 years ago
I kinda of scared i played it and the sound keeps playing it in my ears the sound wont go away from me
How do i download this ?
mintoo2cool8 years ago
My ears!! My ears!!
aiden120000 (author) 8 years ago
what you do is: right click atc_teenbuzz.mp3 (next to the blue play button) and click - save link as.
YeAh BuT cOuLd YoU tElL mE hOw To DoWnLoAd ThE fIlE.
Its generally under 35 that can hear it. A few people have this on their phones in one of my classes..the teacher cant hear it.
BluryBlue8 years ago
Well, as your 101th comment, I must say, it was cool.
Labot20018 years ago
dude my science teacher played this during class and it drove us nuts
_soapy_8 years ago
The Mosquito operates at 17.8 KHz, which is notably higher than the MP3 embedded in this page.
_soapy_8 years ago
Odds are, that after 10 seconds, it stepped up to the next higher frequency, and your ears couldn't hear it any more. I can't hear it beyond 20 seconds, but my other half can. Regarding frequency response, I checked, and the monitor speakers I have can cope, as can the stereo, as can a cheap set of headphones. You want to determine the lowest frequency at which you can still hear it, then step up by 500Hz for your device, as it will be more likely to have an effect on the chavs without affecting you. Be careful of your dog/cat/hamster, though, as they hear high pitched sounds far better than we do, and at 130dB it is going to drive them nuts! I have purchased an air cannon. It is painfully loud, and I shall work out how to mod it for the effect we want.
I have done a similar thing...I am 14 and this sound is very similar to the whine that bad CRT televisions make. I created my annoying sound with a function generator. 10+ kHz works really well. The higher you go, the lower the age group it will affect (often.)
aiden120000 (author) 8 years ago
i'd like to hear about this anti chav bomb. im trying to do my best to avoid chavs now, bevause on wednesday the 29 of nov a chav punched me in the face and broke 2 teeth. on my speakers the mosquito. wav sound wouldnt work at around 10 seconds, probably to do with my speakers though
_soapy_8 years ago
Right, it's a 15011Hz signal. Fourier transform doesn't show much, a few traces at lower frequencies, but probably because it is a back conversion from mp3. Attached is a sample that steps from 15kHz up to 20kHz, in 1k steps. You will here a beat frequency where they swap over, both in wav and mp3. If you want the .aup file, that's there too, and you can play with that in audacity. If you want a mindf, you could cross over the stereo channels, etc. too, as it is completely non-directional. My next project is going to be a sonic air bomb that deafens chavs. It would be the ultimate anti-mugging device. I reckon an air horn and a dog whistle might just do it.
_soapy_8 years ago
I think a lot of this will be to do with the limits of the MP3 format, as well as the state of the speakers you are using. I can hear it fine through my monitor speakers, and through headphones, and, rather more effectively, through my Denon amp and stereo speakers. (OowW! I can still hear it) Note that I am 30+, and have hearing loss at high frequencies due to gunfire over the years. So something is wrong with this. I'm going to stick it in Audacity and see what I can work out.
Ouch. I listened to it twice and 1 minute later my head started to really hurt, im gonna try and get it on a cd or mp3.
MAXINATER8 years ago
Hey nice 1! thought i would let u know i have an account now! c u at skool
ryancrazy8 years ago
that was painful
Shifman8 years ago
my father can not hear it lol but my mom can
It makes me hypnotized
fire19xyz8 years ago
how do you download this onto an mp3
Strong Sad8 years ago
sweeeeeeeeeeeeawesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!11!!!!!WEDWAER5TYrt! ert+y76p! awesome! its like how when you turn on the tv it makes a really loud, high noise that my mom can't hear.
i think its time to download some mosquitos =X
antirem9 years ago
the mosquito noise!! i played this as loud as i could for 30 minutes trying to get my brother or cousin to turn off the lights.... i physically felt sick to my stomach
How is it brown....? OHHHHH yeah.....didn't they do a really low sound like this on Mythbusters that had kinda the same effect, enough to make people crap their pants?
matticus Aeshir8 years ago
mythbusters, southpark.. it is all the same, right?
Moogle antirem9 years ago
Yup, if my GF hears it for more than half a minute or so, she starts feeling naseous. I wonder if that's a documented effect. In highschool they put in the high pitched fire alarms, drove everyone but me absolutely batty. I could hear them just fine (very loudly), but I could just stop paying attention to them.
Volvagia8 years ago
WTF!!! thats one annoying sound! should be on loop though.Drove my bro up the wall lol. cheerz
poiuytrewq8 years ago
how do i down load this sound onto iTunes?
omfg my ears!!!
Black Sheep8 years ago
omg i played that sound all though my computer class and the teacher could'nt hear it. People were threathining to kill me. Then the kids went up to the teacher and she was like i don't hear anything. I didn't even get in troblue
howiestap8 years ago
The real deal the Mosquito runs at a higher frequency than the ringtone so fewer oldies hear it. The tone is modulated (turns on and off) which makes it more annoying. Playing HF through your HiFi can cook your speakers. You have been warned. Howard Inventor of the Mosquito
sybyabraham8 years ago
I'm 14 and i don't really hate that sound.
oligore8 years ago
its stuck in my head
slasher8 years ago
lmao i put it on my fone everyone wnet crazy wheni played it the other day wow someone payed me 10 dollars to shut it off thnks bro took me weeks to find this
slasher8 years ago
lmao i put it on my fone everyone wnet crazy wheni played it the other day wow someone payed me 10 dollars to shut it off thnks bro took me weeks to find this
slasher8 years ago
yo i luv this how can i put it on my razor v3 tough to play it during class
cvillewill8 years ago
Just pointing out. This has very little practical use on a cell phone. Sure your teacher might not be able to hear it. But when everyone in the class starts saying
"**** what is that noise"
The teacher will suspect something.
There still are many things you can do with this though.
Illidan8 years ago
Expulsion from school made easy...
ths9 years ago
Yeah this sound was not pure, its just a way to show everyone what's the noise. I tried to listen to a 20khz pure wave, without hearing anything (well I heard something, but not that annoying sound) (and my speaker was full blast). I'm 25 years old. I tried at 17.5khz and I was able to hard the sound without problem, and clearily.
aiden120000 (author)  ths9 years ago
could you provide a link to pure noise so that i can replace mp3 with a lossless format?
Ryno9 years ago
OK, I feel better.... I'm the youngest in my office (33 compared to most folks who are in their 50s) and when I turned it on... It was quite audible to me... but noone else in the office said a word. I'm glad that I still have my hearing!
that really is annoying i'll put it on my mp3
Numai_U9 years ago
I don't know if it's about my speakers but I'm under 20 and this sound has no effect on me whatsoever.
steve01919 years ago
I'm 40 listened to loud music since 14ish and still do, and I can still hear it
nvd0e19 years ago
my stepdad is 45 and he heard it fine so that just ruins the whole theory of only under 21 year olds beind able to hear it!
nvd0e19 years ago
mystepdada is 45 and he heard it fine so that just ruins the whole theory of only under 21 year olds beind able to hear it!
Hell yes, put this on my mp3 and played it during science class with portable speakers, everyone xcept teacher was going mental, he even brought in other teachers to see if they heard anythin, thankyou for giving me this tool to waste boring days at school
jj_9 years ago
OMFG that is exceedingly irritating. It drills right in to my head and I'm nearly 35. But there again, the sound of a monitor on Standby also irritates me, so I guess I'm tuned in to that frequency - perhaps a little too acutely.
hydrorunner9 years ago
how do you burn a cd? our comp can but we dont know how...
aiden120000 (author)  hydrorunner9 years ago
IF WINDOWS: 1insert blank disc 2 open the music you want to burn in windows media player 3 put the songs you want to burn in a play list 4 click the burn tab 5 in the drop dow n menu that should say burn list, select the playlist you want to burn 6 click start butn IF MAC 1 open iTunes 2 insert a blanck disc 3 put the songs you want to burn into a playlist 4 open that palylsit 5 click the burn button in the top right once, and it will swivel open and a rodioactive symbol will appeer 6 click again and it will burn
Trans_Am9 years ago
I've always known when a TV is on rooms away. It get's kind of annoying. The same with low frequencies. We have this pedastal fan we use in the living room, which is directly above my room, and I hear this rumbling noise whenever it's on. My mother has no idea what I'm talking about. It's actually prompted me to go and turn it off 20 minutes after I went to bed. Stupid fan.
Ian01 Trans_Am9 years ago
aiden120000 (author)  Ian019 years ago
YK 229 years ago
I tryed this at my office and it was a success. Although I do beleive it is completely due to lack of protection. It depends what type of environments the subject has been influenced too. If you had awarness of this when you where, lets say, twenty you could probably preserve your hearing so you can jam on high frequncies.
Dash-29 years ago
I really did just laugh out loud. Not only for your comment, but for your avatar too =D
Joe8579 years ago
I can hear it, but it dosen't bother me, unfortunatly. Mabye because I'm used to background noise.
Joe857 Joe8579 years ago
Actually, it bothers my parents, too, and they're 41 and 40.
leevonk9 years ago
I hear a similar high pitched squeel when a tv is on. Apparently it's because the vertical sync signal in tv's (cathode ray tube, not LCD) is approximately that frequency.
leevonk leevonk9 years ago
oh yeah, also, if you can't hear this sound and you have a rodent problem, this may help. Or you can buy untrasonic rodent things that do irritate rodents (with even highere frequencies than this).
tewmten9 years ago
I hear this noise all the time, I'm quite used to it by now. Yay for tinnitus! :|
pazu9 years ago
I don't know if it proves that I have a good hearing or what, I'm now 28 and still hear that annoying sound...
sa2bgb9 years ago
you know what is crazy??? my dad is 60 and he can hear it. intresting huh?
M45trKLLr9 years ago
I'm well over 30 & thats one annoying sound!!!
So... I'm 16 and I can hear it from 4 rooms away... is it weird that it doesn't really bug me?
I dont think so, It dosnt bother me either.
so i called my dad and my brother but only my brother & I could hear the buzzing noise my dad wasnt able to pick up the noise so out of both of my parents my mom could hear the sound i thought it was funny
Ragooman9 years ago
I must be just lucky, I can stil hear it going on 44
dartman9 years ago
i tested this with my dog and she hates it she starts running around franticly wen i play it
dartman9 years ago
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggg that evil sound causes pain aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
dartman9 years ago
omfg i hate that noise i have very sencitive(sp?) ears and i hear that noise when the tv is on it bugs the crap out of me!
strobe9 years ago
I'm n19, and I can only hear this in one ear. However, this makes me think -- there's this security alarm in one of the buildings where I have class -- and people keep tripping it, and then leaving it on. It's a very high pitch (though not so high as this), and some people look at me like I'm absolutely crazy when I curse, and run down the hall to turn it off (technically, it's in an adjoined building). Maybe some people (including the building maintenance staff, whom I had assumed were just negligent) can't hear it.
sounds plasible.... but it really sounds like th mfr did a bad job in selecting what frequency the alarm should be.... higher pitched sounds don't require much volume to be annoying (so turning up your speakers really does not do anything)... but too high and its outside of the audible range :/
Dan Lockton9 years ago
As an mp3 (compressed) the higher frequencies will be attenuated quite a lot. Try some of the wave files (15 kHz, 17.5 kHz, 20 kHz) linked here - http://architectures.danlockton.co.uk/?p=72 - uncompressed and pure.

There's a shopping centre near me which uses something at about 18-19 kHz in front of a jewellers, presumably to deter kids from hanging around - not sure if it's the Mosquitp device or not, as they've hidden it.

I'm 13 and I can't hear your 17.5 and 20kHz sounds. All I hear is a high pitched beep sound when it starts to play. That's probably the speakers turning on.
Ian019 years ago
I can hear it (13), my dad (50) only can if it's really loud and he's near the computer.
guggenheim9 years ago
:( I'm 22 and I can barely hear it. All those years with my discman outloud must have damaged me.
joshuajahr9 years ago
but will some1 tell me how to effectively and easily download this?
aiden120000 (author)  joshuajahr9 years ago
keep on clicking the file name and you will go to a quicktime pluging, when you get there just save the page it will save as mp3 if you are at the quicktime bit
joshuajahr9 years ago
and can some1 put this in html?
hivoltage9 years ago
o yeah, it drives my dog crazy too.
hivoltage9 years ago
dang this sound is terrible. it really gets inside your skull. i put it on my psp and my parents cant hear it at all. i can hear it anywhere in my house. its like the tv sound, but louder and higher.
iman9 years ago
same here trans_am
darkmotion9 years ago
LOL I did this ages ago at my school. Just put it on my ipod, cranked up the volume, and it literally was heard from about 50 meters away :) earphones being so small, have the ability to produce high energy and high frequency signals, with such a small membrane to resonate :D
krusty9 years ago
35 - can't hear a thing :(
implaxis krusty9 years ago
Not even if you turn it up all the way? I notice several variations of the sound depending on the volume. At max, it is grating and I swear I could see my monitor vibrate, but it's also compelling.
aiden120000 (author)  implaxis9 years ago
when you turn it up lower end speakers distort
aiden120000 (author)  krusty9 years ago
that is good
Mr.Asmith99 years ago
I might just be stupid, but how do you download that file?
aiden120000 (author)  Mr.Asmith99 years ago
click on the name of the file and you go to a new page with similar stufff on it. then right click on the file name and save link as
"Save Target as..." you don't want just the link. You might need QuickTime Pro to save the wav files on that other page.
Scurl!9 years ago
i'm 26, and that is one annoying sound. i've always wondered about this high pitched noise/age debate. i can hear the whine from t.v.'s several rooms away when noone else i know can hear anything, and i listen to extremely loud music almost constantly. i don't get it...
aiden120000 (author)  Scurl!9 years ago
i hear a hiss when a tv warms up
PetervG9 years ago
I burnt the CD with 20 min of it. My parents didn't hear it but it drived me and my dog insane.
implaxis9 years ago
Just think of how much kids could cheat if they learned Morse code and used this to "chat" hypersonically right in class. Oh, wait, that would be dishonest... forget I said anything!
Stormed9 years ago
I've researched this before and while for a lot of people it will work, a lot of other people might have trouble. To REALLY see how well this works, use the best speaker you can find because if you use a cheaper speaker, it might not be able to fully recreate the given frequency. Make sure your speakers can handle it. I've also seen people making their own sound using Audacity(free audio tool) and setting the frequency of the rendered sound, somewhere around 18000.
pluish9 years ago
yess, i`m 14 and one of the 10 % who skipped the odds, :D
While the theory is based on the fact that aging naturally reduces the ability to hear high frequencies, it fails to take into account the environment in which all our hearing takes place. In practical terms, most hearing loss is not due to the effect of aging, which only takes effect past age 55 or so, but on constant exposure to very loud sounds. You're more likely to find younger people listening to iPods, cellphone headsets, car stereos, DJs, concerts and all other sorts of high decibel sound systems. I wouldn't be surprised that most of the under 30's couldn't hear it.
brianf259 years ago
my monitor makes that noise if set the refresh rate too high
Hungry_Myst9 years ago
I think the average age where people stop being able to hear this is around 25 (can't remember where I got that number tough). I played something like this for my parents and nether could hear it. I also tried playing it in a room full of friends and relatives (it was at my dad's birthday) and the only one who could hear it (besides me) was my cousin (who's in her 20's, but I'm not sure of her exact age). It was sort of funny, she started getting annoyed and told me to stop it (I was using a laptop, so she knew it was me right away), and everyone else got confused as to what she was talking about. Eventually they got me to play it a few times so they could try to hear it.
Murf9 years ago
I'mm 22 (23 in Dec) and I can EASILY hear the noise, and I didn't turn my speakers up loud at all, but it IS quite annoying... hehe.. good job :P Too bad it wasn't more universal (IE: more universal that people over 20 couldn't hear it)
PetervG9 years ago
But the sound file quites down at the end which sucks.
aiden120000 (author)  PetervG9 years ago
use audacity to chop of the end and beggining
iman9 years ago
my ears aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh LOL were did you get it?¿?
aiden120000 (author)  iman9 years ago
found it on the bbc
Beelzebub9 years ago
is there any chance that this can have any negative effects to your hearing?
aiden120000 (author)  Beelzebub9 years ago
no this is harmless. in the uk some shops use it to deter thugs / vandals. but if you play it loud the frequency distorts, use ministry of sound speakers for the desired effect
kawouter9 years ago

=P I'm definitley gonna try this @ school! (but first test if teacher can hear it)
aiden120000 (author) 9 years ago
it is beingused as an anti vandilism thingie cus thugs dont like the noise ib manchester
aiden120000 (author) 9 years ago
The Louder You Play It The More The Speakers distort it nad change the frequency
BruceR9 years ago
I'm ... older than 30... and I can hear a high pitched electronic dentist drill kind of sound.
trebuchet039 years ago
haha... I wanted to post this awhile back... I guess I just forgot... But yeah, everyone in my office can hear this.... ages range from 20-67. But, my parents (mid 40's) can not hear. There was development put into making this into an anti-teen loitering system for malls and other places where there's an age restriction. But yeah, too many other people can hear :P
Aeshir9 years ago
Simmons9 years ago
my dad can here it and he is fifty.
PetervG9 years ago
play it super loud and hide the speakers so when a little sibling will say "mommy theres a high piched sound" they will look like they are crazed
mrbob10009 years ago
its a ringtone used so kids dont get caught texting in class
austin9 years ago
ugh that sound it evil
aiden120000 (author) 9 years ago
MY FRIGGIN GOD I HATE THAT SOUND IM ONLY 13 but wtf ill still do it at school (o yea and to get back at the old farts just crank yer sub and go rollin at 2 am)
andorphin9 years ago
Or, if you are under 30, use it as a somewhat surreptitious ring tone taunting those who don't notice it about their high-frequency hearing loss.
mikesty9 years ago
We'll get you back old people, we'll get you back.