Annoy Your Friends With a BIC Mech. Pencil!





Introduction: Annoy Your Friends With a BIC Mech. Pencil!

Using only a Bic mechanical pencil, pluck your friends hairs out! Harmless fun and doesnt damage your pencil.

Step 1: Getting the Tip Off

Now, the only thing you gotta do before u can annoy your friends is take the cone off at the front of the pencil. Initially, this is sorta hard, but once you get it off, it goes off and on more easily. What i do to get it off is bite down on the cone hard and pull. This is pretty effective for me, but do whatever you want. Really sorry about no pics, i'll get them up soon

Step 2: Finished!

Now with the cone off, you should see a , umm, how do i say this, a little cylinder coming off the end where the cone was. Press the button at the eraser which gives out the lead and hold it down. Then, when you see the cylinder go about half an inch out. Now, pull the cylinder down and you should see two things splitting off. Now, keep the eraser button held down and make contact with a friends hair! Release the button and pull the eraser! There u have it. An easy way to annoy your friends. But of course, i have to give credit to my friend oliver who showed me this.
oh and when your finished, just push the cone back onto the pecil and it'll still work perfectly as a pencil



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That hurts

wow... never thought of that.

it can also be very effective as a nose-bugger-puller...for you or your pet.

dont hurt your pet its cruel

yay, thanks for the nice comments unlike that alchoholic over there

yea, i think this is kool, i learned something.... i used to do it all the time, i forgot about it, and now i remember again.... thanks kennytatheguy ;) lol, seriously, now i know

sence != sense

Yeah jack, chill, the man just wanted to post something he thought was cool. Good lord, you must be drunk or soemthing? Have you had too much jack daniels ? =P

the point he is making is this is a commen sence thing. yes it's funny but not worth the instructable. the mechanical pen rocket was cool this is just somthing you would learn in school.