Picture of Annoying Countdown Alarm
With this prank, you can annoy your friends using an alarm every minute.

You will need:

-Access to your victim's iPhone
-Reminder Free, an app.
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Step 1: Install The App

Picture of Install The App
If your victim already has the app, go to Step 2.

Step 2: New Countdown

Picture of New Countdown
13, 6:19 PM.jpg
Tap the "+" icon. You can set the image to whatever you want. Then, enter a name.

Step 3: Set The Time

Picture of Set The Time
Set the time to a couple of minutes later.

Step 4: Annoying Repeat

Picture of Annoying Repeat
Set the event to repeat every minute.

Step 5: NOISE!!!!

Picture of NOISE!!!!
13, 6:19 PM.jpg
Pick an alarm sound.

Step 6: The result

Picture of The result