Picture of Annoying Orange Pic!
I figured that some of you would be fans of annoying orange, or maybe you'd like to ANNOY someone and turn them into an orange..."hahahahahahah". So here it is, an easy way to do so! :) (using photoshop)

Here is a Halloweenie Video for you!

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Step 1: Images

Picture of Images
Find your face and your orange!

Step 2: Face Parts

Picture of Face Parts
Now it's time to outline your face parts! You will use the LASSO tool to select the area around your eyes and mouth. Leave some extra room so you can erase what's needed. Don't get too close to your eye, etc. Also, use the tool-tools above, to add and remove from your selection.

Once you have the parts outlined, just hit CONTROL+C, CONTROL+V and then you've copied your selection.

Next, hit the letter V on your keyboard to activate the "move" tool. Drag your eyes and mouth over to the image of the orange and you're mostly done! :)

Step 3: Erasing

Picture of Erasing
Now that you have the rough shapes of your parts on the orange, it's time to clean them up.

Zoom in A LOT, using CONTROL + ] , control and the square brackets are shortcuts to zoom in and out. To center your image and zoom out, press CONTOL + 0.

Once you're zoomed in, select the eraser tool and above, on the top tool bar, select the fuzzy circle, which will erase things with a soft edge. You can see the settings I used if you want to duplicate the same look. Just don't use a TINY circle, or a BIG one. To get the size you prefer, have the fuzzy circle selected, click somewhere on the image to make the options box go away and then hit those [ and ] brackets to change the size easily. :)

Just slowly and easily erase the excess around your eyes and mouth, leaving a tiny edge. You want your eyelids intact and some edge outside your lips. (More edge than I left.) :)
tuns made it!7 months ago
thanks. just what I needed for an xmas present.