Picture of Annular (Ring) Paper Plane
This paper plane is a bit unusual in that it is based on a NASA ring wing concept.
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Step 1: Fold 1

Picture of Fold 1
Starting with scrap paper (typing, notebook, etc) fold the paper diagonally across the corners. You will also find that folding to a diagonal point or spacing it a bit wider adds variety to your final aircraft.

Step 3: Fold 3

Here’s where variety really steps in…you can curl the wing over the edge of your work surface to ease the wing into an annular shape and insert one wing tip into the other, tape or staple it and have a true annular wing craft.

You are also welcome to simply make it curved…bend it into a ‘W’, invert it and make a bat or manta ray shape, etc, etc, etc
An interesting design. I tried a similar concept with my Vortex paper airplane. 
I saw your design. simple and can shape them octagonal, rectangle, square, etc. 'tweaking' definitely helps!