Ano Niku aka Manga Meat (Monster Hunter etc)

Picture of Ano Niku aka Manga Meat (Monster Hunter etc)
Ever since i was a kid i was always obsessed with how good the food on animes looked. One in particular was a well known piece of meat that had a bone poking out either end, it was caveman meat etc. This kind of meat can be seen in many animes, mangas and games, including monster hunter. I decided to have a go at making my own version of this tasty dish!

This would be perfect for anime/games/geek night! Impress your friends :D
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Step 1: What you will need.

Picture of What you will need.
You will need -
1) Mixing bowl
2) Chicken wings or drumsticks
3) 3 Eggs
4) Sake
5) Soy
6) Salt and Pepper
7) Onion
8) Breadcrumbs
9) Spices - Cumin, Paprika, Garlic Powder, Ginger, Nutmeg
10) 300g Ground/Minced Pork
11) 6 Slices Bacon
12) Chopping Board, sharp knife, and scissors. (A must for the deboning.)
13) Basting brush (Not pictured)

This can be fiddly, so the first time you do it, please set aside a fair amount of time to do it.

Step 2: Chicken Bones!

Picture of Chicken Bones!
This first step is really fiddly so i did it first and just put them in the fridge when i was finished.

If your chicken leg has skin on it, its fairly easy to remove, if you pull on it hard enough, half the time it will just rip off. When it gets to the base of the drumstick, cutting the skin off as you go, you will need to dig your scissors in and cut the joint off the end to reveal that nice looking bone which will be one of the bones sticking out of your Ano Niku.

Once thats gone you can start snipping the meat in a few places to push it upward and expose more of the bone. Turning it kind of inside out in a way. Please remember in a drumstick theres actually 2 bones, one is very very fine, you WILL need to remove this just to be on the safe side, but its easy enough to cut it out.
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vmetalbr4 months ago

Almost finished with my first attempt, I didn't use eggs and used tight instead of drums... Cooking time needs to be longer for this one it seems, found raw chicken on first cut.... still it is great!

BelchingDragon11 months ago
Hard to roll? Yes.
How can I make them look as good as yours?
14, 6:55 PM.jpg
Wolfinlied (author)  BelchingDragon9 months ago

OH! you did so well! im so happy ^_^

Did you enjoy them? I think they look just as good as mine!

BelchingDragon11 months ago
Do I need to go to a butcher and get a special cut?
14, 6:58 PM.jpg
Wolfinlied (author)  BelchingDragon9 months ago

Hi there, originally i used just a packet from the supermarket, and it was not near as good or thick as the ones from the butcher. But its always the case that things are better from a butcher than from a supermarket

BelchingDragon11 months ago
I did use a bamboo roller and plastic wrap. Mine seemed to sag/ stretch out and not maintain shape.

How thick was your bacon?

But, oh! It tasted so good. The chicken melted in my mouth. I only had raspberry vodka in place for sake. The basting sauce worked out very well still.
14, 1:54 PM.jpg
Wolfinlied (author)  BelchingDragon9 months ago

I guess mine was probably a thickish cut, and it did sag a little but not a whole lot that it mattered too much. I kinda want to try the raspberry vodka now! lol. Pictures are amazing. :)

dmayer210 months ago

This Dish reminded me of the "Enemy Bait" from the original Legend of Zelda. You had to buy it to get past the "Grumble, Grumble..." guy.

I too am not a master chef, but I know my way around the kitchen... and the prep time for me was about 75 mins... including clean up, washing dishes, and disinfecting the countertops.

I made a few adjustments to mine because I used drumsticks from Chickenzilla. I cooked it for about an hour because the drumsticks were so meaty. I also soft boiled the eggs instead of hard boiled them because of the expected longer cooking times. (I didn't want the egg inside to overcook.) I had to use 8 strips of bacon instead of 6. Using clingwrap is a good tip. Also because of the extended cooking time, I made just a bit more basting sauce and kept basting every 5 mins. so the bacon wouldn't dry out.

I had a great deal of fun making this. However, I have a feeling that my flatulence will be rather pungent tomorrow. Here are the before & after pictures.

grumble-grumble_design.png2014-05-31 17.57.20.jpg2014-05-31 20.28.43.jpg
Wolfinlied (author)  dmayer29 months ago

Wow amazing job! Love the pictures and of course thank you so much for your tips. The flatulence im sure, was worth it haha

alilike1610 months ago


btk331 year ago
Xieda1 year ago

Nice 'ible! I'm looking forward to trying both this one and some of your ramen recipes. A tip for the 'ible itself (rather than a foodie tip) would be on your ingredients photos, if you're going to annotate each ingredient the may as well do it with the name of the ingredient rather than the 'match by numbers'. Especially if there's another photo under the ingredients one because then you have to scroll up and down between the photo and the list to match things up. I'm sure some stuff would be obvious i.e. measuring cup, but for some of the more interesting ingredients it'd definitely help.
Other than that, great work, it looks just like in the mangas/animes. ^_^

ekiessling1 year ago
OMG I know,, all their food made me drool. I always go for th meat at the buffet tables...but th asian foods on Spirited away makes me drool!!
ToolHoard1 year ago
Now those look like all sorts of deliciousness! Well done :)

To expand on what others have suggested about using plastic wrap to help roll it all up without tearing, one could also try using one of those bamboo sushi rolling mats. It'd add more support as you roll it up and allow you to squeeze it evenly on all sides to get that nice barrel shape.

Thanks for posting!
johnnyoh1 year ago

I first started reading this & thought ... this must be an Aussie. Your cooking is so combined of all the world. It just glows with flavors and curious combinations.

I was so intrigued I went to your listing.

The only difference between a chef and a cook is a restricted education costing $80K. You may be a cook but you outshine most chefs I have worked with with your creativity. This was fun!

Wolfinlied (author)  johnnyoh1 year ago

Wow what a compliment! Thank you very much, comments like these give me drive to make more things :)

johnnyoh1 year ago

Looks wonderful! I can't wait to serve this to my 92 year old mom and watch her expression! The eggs... in cold water, bring to boil, kill the heat & cover for 12 minutes. The wrapping, Reynolds Wrap non-stick as a base to build. Heavy duty & allows for tight wrap you can seal & place in fridge to set & solidify. You could probably cook them wrapped for a time & unwrap to finish/glaze. Less mess.


ekiessling1 year ago
bifaerie79 your pic is from Spirited Away!!!! I always loved the food too!!!
bifaerie791 year ago

Well, where do I start? I always wanted to know what these noodle chicken things were (Spirited Away, when the parents turn into pigs and the dad is eating what looks like a sauced up bundle of noodles, but then we see that is has chicken wing type appendages. What ARE those??? I love that he eats it in one slurpy bite)! And another from Spirited Away, some stuffed and sliced meat thing No-face is being offered. And then there's these football shaped stuffed omelet looking things with sauce that are profuse throughout anime. Let me keep thinking about it. I know there were also some dessert-y type things that I always thought looked good but could never figure out what they were! I'll post some more when I think of them. I need to go watch some anime!

Wolfinlied (author)  bifaerie791 year ago
Hahahaha, im on it like stink on a warthog. :)
bifaerie791 year ago

Okay, so GAWD these are cute! I always wanted to eat one!!! I'll be trying this for sure! Now I want to make other anime-look-a-like foods. YAY!

Wolfinlied (author)  bifaerie791 year ago

Any you have in mind? im happy to make instructables for :D just drop me mail any time!

(Sorry - dyslexic typing below - 'ible - not 'bile!)

The hot water/cold water works well, but I have never used ice cubes. I fix HB eggs one or two days/week to have for lunch at work. When the eggs are cooked I carefully pour out the boiling water and immediately run cold tap water into the pot. We have a well and our water is really cold. After just 2-3 minutes I tap the eggs together, then easily peel. Remember to keep the eggs cold until ready to eat. Great 'bile, thanks! When I can dedicate that much time to a meal sometime soon I am SO going to have to make these!

Lewis72061 year ago
Looks and tastes delicious :) small tip, when cooking, use skewers to hold the whole thing together, then pull them it when done. Just finished eating mine.
With rice.
And hot sauce.
Wolfinlied (author)  Lewis72061 year ago

Once it was rolled up the sticky meat held the thing together fine, its just the actual rolling up process i needed to fine tune, someone else suggested using clingwrap which is an amazing idea!

Wolfinlied (author)  Wolfinlied1 year ago

Also you should have posted pics! haha

Emma B1 year ago

Looks fantastic and I imagine taste pretty good too! I'm going to make it next time my kids come to visit. However, me being a bit of a lazy cook nowadays, I'm going to use my pre-loved chicken bones (you know, the ones in the freezer, waiting to be used for stock? Thanks for the great recipe!

Wolfinlied (author)  Emma B1 year ago

Sure, you may just need a little more meat to fill in where the chicken meat would go then. I actually gifted one of these to my parents and i believe my mum removed the bones and sliced it up thin and used it for sandwiches! haha

Aoshido1 year ago

Seems that you had a lot of fun doing it!!

Looks very very yummy congratulations!

Wolfinlied (author)  Aoshido1 year ago

I had a ton of fun, so did my pets who were climbing all over my legs while i removed the skin and icky bits. I made sure i *accidently* dropped the unwanted parts on the floor. They were like pirhanna.

ThielL1 year ago
I love the creativity of this instuctable! I am inspired to try this. One note for safety. In the pic where you show the removal of the small bone in the drumstick, you demonstrate cutting toward your hand that is holding the drumstick. This puts you at great risk of cutting your hand. Instead, hold the other end of the drumstick and slice away from your hand.
Wolfinlied (author)  ThielL1 year ago

Oops no no i was trying to show everyone the little bone in the drumsticks that you may want to remove, I wasnt cutting at that point just sort of trying to show it better so i kind of just stabbed it, lol. But yes i agree its very important to remember hand placement when cutting and since chicken can be slimey you need to be careful not to slip. Thank you!

very weird but cool food creation. Something Fred Flintstone would love.

If you want really nice HB eggs 1 DO NOT pierce eggs, put eggs in a pot fill with enough water to cover eggs by an inch bring to a boil and turn off heat, let sit for 17-18 minutes (extra large 17 jumbo 18). Have ice cold water (with cubes waiting) drain the eggs then put on bowl of ice water, keep ice coming. When cold they usually are near perfect yellow yolks. This has to do with iron ions.

Sticking eggs, means you have very fresh eggs, the older they are the easier they peel, and if you drop them in a pan to make'm fried/over easy fresh eggs sit high in the pan, the whites have very little spread to them, older eggs tend to flatten out and the white may simply spread out filling the pan.

Wolfinlied (author)  spark master1 year ago

Thank you very much for the tips!

theRx1 year ago

Even more reason to make a MonHun cosplay!

Wolfinlied (author)  theRx1 year ago

Thats something i want to do so bad, and if i ever do ill make instructables for it as well! haha

rasomu1 year ago

Try to put on a plastic wrap before rolling the bacon, it would be easier to rool it up.

Wolfinlied (author)  rasomu1 year ago

Oh my gosh! you are so right i have no idea why i didnt think of this! Thank you :D

luffy would be so happy
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