Another Altoids Ipod Case





Introduction: Another Altoids Ipod Case


Yes this is yet another ipod nano altoids case. The only difference is I used the wrapping paper for cushioning on this one.

Step 1: The Beggining

Ok first off you will have to buy a box of Altoids of course :P.
You will also need a screwdriver or something to punch
a hole with and some tape.
To get rid of all the mints you can see how many you can
eat at once, but...!!CAUTION!! they will make your eyes water!

Step 2: Almost Done

now use your screwdriver to poke a hole were
the headphones will be and use the tape to
secure the paper padding into place.

Step 3: DONE

now that your done you can jam with your altoids all the time!



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    this is sad 1 none of your own pictures and you probably haven't even made it

    yes i made it the same night and I was so happy about it that i didnt take the time to take real pictures since there was good enough ones on google.

    Show us how it looks! How well does the paper cushion the ipod?

    sorry i was in a bad mood last night

    Can I use some black felt I have laying around? A few layyers of felt would be good right...? I think so.. But anyway cool idea!