Another Arduino Remote Control Car Controlled by Android Phone Using Bluetooth Module


Introduction: Another Arduino Remote Control Car Controlled by Android Phone Using Bluetooth Module

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This tutorial goes through setting up the Arduino IDE for use with an Adafruit motor shield clone board as well as setting up an old RC car so that it can be controlled with an android phone via bluetooth. The Code for the RC car can be found here: goes to Bill Tarpy(It was only slightly modified in order to work with my particular RC car setup.A complete parts list with links can also be found at the same link above towards the bottom of the page.

Download the Adafruit Motor Shield Library here:

Comment with any questions.Thanks for Watching!



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    The left and the right controls do not work at all? What can I do?

    Please reply. If you need a valid website for the code it is;

    1 reply

    And I am using a HC-05 bluetooth module. IF there is a different code required, please give me the code.

    why is a motor shield necessary? Also, what model of arduino are you using?

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    The motor shield is necessary because if you directly plugged the arduino to the motors, the Arduino would get shorted out due to to the fact that a lot of power is required to run a motor. so, the shield uses an external power supply to drive the motor, taking commands from the Arduino.

    You can use any one of these boards: Arduino Mega, Arduino Uno, Arduino Uno R3, Arduino Duemilanove and Arduino 101.

    I hope this helps you to understand more.

    You can use this: