Introduction: Another Brick in the Wall Stop-motion

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 This stop-motion is a video of the Wall from the Pink Floyd The Wall album.  I got this idea from when I saw Roger Waters in concert. I thought it would be fun.

Step 1: Step 1 Materials

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 Get your materials together.
1.Piece of wood
2.Paint brush
3.Paint tray
4.Grey paint
5 Chop saw or Hack saw
6.Web cam

Step 2: Making the Blocks

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Cut your piece of wood into small blocks for the wall.

Step 3: Painting the Wall

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Paint one side of each block grey to mimic a wall.

Step 4: Filming the Wall

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Use your web cam and take picture by picture of the wall being built.

Be creative with how you build your wall.

Use Stop-Motion Pro to film your video

Step 5: Editing the Video

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 Use Adobe Premiere to edit your video and add music or whatever you want your video to have.

Step 6: Finished Video



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