Another Cheap Phone Charger


Introduction: Another Cheap Phone Charger

About: Hello Instructables, and I'm a regular kid in Florida that loves making things and learning about stuff. I've basically play a lot of pokemon and love Star Wars and building stuff for stopmotion lego movies!

Another one of my charger creations but doesn't seem to work for iPhones though, just give me tips on the comments aside! It's gives off 6vs and is very simple

Step 1: First Your Tools

Wire stripper, cutter, battery pack of four, a female USB port as well.

Step 2: Prepare Wires

The diagram shows the USB ports wires and is just easy to define and separate the data wires from it. And connect it to the positive and negative on the battery pack

Step 3: Connect and Try It Out

Uif it didn't work for your phone, sorry I'm new at this and tried it off a lot of other ideas of a portable charger. Give comments on what I can change and follow on instructables!



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    First off, I'm pretty sure the iPhone needs to read 2v to 3v on the data lines to charge. try voltage dividers to get that reading from the data lines. also try putting a charge circuit so nothing shorts or goes awry.

    Put rechargebles so output will be 5v instead of 6v