Hi again!!! I'm back with yet another great seed. This time we're looking at an amazing seed with caves over hangs and a dark oak mushroom forest!!!!!:D
So this is were u spawn. There's a nice beach view.

Step 1: The Downside

But there's is a downside to this seed. There's a lava pit by spawn, but there r no trees near it so it should be ok.


There r also caves and PUMPKINS right beside spawn. It also has a really oddly spawned mushroom.

Step 3: Overhangs

Step 4: Seed

And now for the seed. Here u go. Enjoy!!!!! BYE!!!!!!
Hate u Ato correct
Funny pump databases. But since u have no instructables I would advice u to think about what ur about to say before u say it. Burn!!!
this is a waste of instructable space...
I'm using this in survival and it is actually going well if I do say so my self
<p>great mixture of biomes</p>
YAY!!! Thanks for commenting!!!!!!!
this seed is awesome!

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