Another Growing an Avocado (12 years in the making)

Picture of Another Growing an Avocado (12 years in the making)
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This is another how to grow an avocado from a pit. This INSTRUCTABLE is a little different in that it shows this process through to the end. That is also why it took about 12 years to out it together.

Just a little about me to set the stage. I finally settled in San Diego after spending 20 years in the Navy. I have always liked growing things and I have a passion for taking stuff you find in the grocery store and getting it to produce a plant. That can be seeds, pits, cutting or what not.

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Step 1: Select the fruit and break out the knife

Picture of Select the fruit and break out the knife
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What do you need to start?

Well the obvious item is a ripe avocado and a knife to split the avocado into a left and right side and then a sprouting method (water or dirt).

Step 2: Just the pit

Picture of Just the pit
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After you have split your avocado remove the pit and wipe it clean. You can go straight to PLANTING it or let the pit sit out for a few days to dry out a bit. One of the benefits of letting it dry is that the dark skin on the pit will dry and crack or peel off.

If you want to skip the drying phase you can go straight to the water or the dirt or you can peel off the skin. I have had no problem growing with the skin on or off but I get faster germination with it off… personal preference.

The pit has a top and a bottom and you need to make sure that the bottom part of the pit is down, no matter what method you choose.
sdbigguy (author) 1 year ago
I have the opposite problem here. I have tried to remove a few that I planted in the wrong spot and I had to cut the back multiple times to get rid of them.

As for pruning. If your problem is that the tree is just one tall single stem you can prune to just above the third true leaf. I would use a very sharp knife instead of a scissor at this stage. This should cause it to bush out.

As it gets older i use my pruning shears or large limb looping shears. I have chopped off limbs as big around as a fifty cent piece without any issues.

Understand that in the long run you may have to wait 7 years or longer to find out if you have a female tree. It isn't like you can look under a limb and determine the sex.

I know that in California the growers will drastically cut trees back in a drought situation to preserve the trees.

Hope that helps a little.

Happy growing!
Thank you for this! My husband had been trying to grow avocados for about three years. We have several plants now and have even brought them with us on a move across country! They seem to thrive right now outside here in the south, but I think they are getting too tall and need pruning. He pruned once and the tree died, any advice on pruning? I really hope he gets fruit one day, he would be so excited!
sdbigguy (author) 1 year ago
You are very welcome. The next things growing right now are strawberries from seed, papaya, mango and trying to grow lemon grass. Busy times in San Diego.
CasCas541 year ago
Thank you for this great instructable! It was worth the 12 years! Keep up the great work :)
sdbigguy (author) 1 year ago
Thank you for the kind words!
cshores1 year ago
I too prefer Hass. Great tutorial. Thanks.
sdbigguy (author) 1 year ago
I know it takes time but I had fruit on a tree when it was in a half barrel. The tree was only about five feet tall and it does well with pruning to keep it small.
rimar20001 year ago
I love avocados, but my backyard is too little to have a tree of them. Your instructable is very useful, anyway.
sdbigguy (author) 1 year ago
I usually go with Hass... We love the flavor, size and texture. In San Diego you can find road side stands that with have the for 5 for a dollar or less... These are usually the small end of the season. I have been told that Reeds might be easier to grow but I prefer the Hass.

Thanks for the comment
warreng9711 year ago
What type of avocadoes do you grow? Im going to try hass