Introduction: Another Halogen Bike Light

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its another halogen bike lamp... its not new, but a brazilian way of make it.

Necessary Items

1 Halogen 12v 20W Lamp
3 PVC Connections
1 Switch on/off
Some Home depot wires
4 conectors molex (Internal pc type)

Step 1: Necessary Material

Picture of Necessary Material

Necessary Items

1 Halogen 12v 20W Lamp
3 PVC Connections
1 Switch on/off
Some Home depot wires
4 conectors molex (Internal pc type)

Step 2: Light Case

Picture of Light Case

the light case

Step 3: The Battery 12v 2.3Ah

Picture of The Battery 12v 2.3Ah

the battery

Step 4: Battery Case

Picture of Battery Case

the case of the battery

Step 5: The Lamp Case

Picture of The Lamp Case

the PVC lamp case


unaffiliatedperson (author)2010-12-10

what kind of run time did u get on this one

purpulhaze (author)2010-11-06

How do you charge that battery?

moshee (author)2009-06-23

Why is everyone worried about hiding their batteries, if you have a homemade lamp on your bike that's enough for people to turn their heads!

tjoe (author)2009-06-13

how im i gonna put a 12v battery on a BIKE

luigi2999 (author)tjoe2009-06-22

water bottle area, and a couple of twist ties, or you could build something kinda like in my instructable.

pyrotecnix (author)2007-10-03

i have a bulky 7ah batt. were or how could i hide it or disguise it.

jimbo333 (author)pyrotecnix2009-06-04

you could just put it on a rack that goes over the back tire, its not disguised but it works.

steple (author)pyrotecnix2008-01-05

Hide it in an old bottle and place it in your bottle holder.

jimbo333 (author)2009-04-23

i made a halogen flashlight with a 12v 60wat headlight bulb, its super bright, im running on 14.4v too so i get a boost

tjoe (author)jimbo3332009-05-29

relly it dosent overheat im thinking about using a 12v 60w

jimbo333 (author)tjoe2009-06-04

i have a special car headlight bulb that is designed for low heat, when i first built it i used a plasic cup for a reflector just for proof of concept and it warped that but i have a aluminum reflector now so it is not a problem.

boomer225 (author)2008-04-22

so where do you get a Battery like that and how do you charge it ?

tyronemenezes (author)boomer2252008-06-13

i bought the battery in a simple electronics house, and charge it with a small wireless 12v phone charger.....

CameronSS (author)2007-05-08

Very nice! I have a recumbent bicycle with 36V electric assist, but no lights because the commercial market is too narrow. My plan was to mount three lights, one pointing straight ahead and the other two at angles to the side. I think I'll build three of these and hook them up to the 36V.

Shadow Brujah (author)2007-05-08

Cool man! I´m brazilian too. Nice idea, this lamp is more strong than led lights, but it requires more power. You need to tell how much time this kind of battery can handle the lamp on. And you need to paint this wall hehehe. Bye

hehehe i waste all my money with a light, and i dont have more money for the wall paint :D this lamp consumes a large AH, aprox. 1.67Ah, then with this sealed 2,3A battery the lifetime is aprox 1.3 hour. i have a commercial cateye led light too, and i use that in a easy ways, and i use the halogen for the downhills or technical ways. if you have batteries with equal or more than a 4000mah its the ideal lifetime... about a 2 hours lifetime im making a secundary light with a 5w and 150.000 mcd led, to use combined with a halogen to make a longer lifetime battery;; thx, Tyrone

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