Introduction: Another Knex Claw

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A knex claw I built in my spare time

Step 1: The Pieces

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This is my first instructable,so it has a few flaws.

gray: 16
red: 3
yellow: 4
blue: 6
white: 27

white: 6
blue: 12
yellow: 10
green: 20
purple: 12
orange: 35
red: 7
grey: 4

Step 2: The Handle and Pull Rod

Picture of The Handle and Pull Rod

Build from pics. follow notes carefully

Step 3: The Claw

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This is the hardest step. follow pics and read notes carefully.

Step 4: Putting It All Together

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follow pics and read notes carefully

Step 5: Using

All you do is push and pull the pull rod to open and close the claw. very weak at this point. please post any mods.


DB2016 (author)2011-07-31

Nice! Will see what I can do.

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