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    post totally, how far does it shoot?

    Maybe you should bother posting it, as it's pretty cool. But I don't think I would build it, I don't have that much time to build it, so...

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    Barrel looks flimsy. You should hype it up a bit,like the TR.

    It's not my gun...

    i know, I'm just addin to ur comment

    Fill in the back of the body, and you got yourself a post-worthy gun.

    POST ! 

    if you post i would build it and mod it.

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    rly good design but too many mods u should fix it up and this would be a beast gun

    First of all its not a sling shot, and it has better statistics in areas of power, and pwer at a range. This is because the ram has a hevier desig, so more momentum is transfered to the projectile, and the ram has a rear support so it can handle more tension/power. Also the way the rubberband allignment is, the tension of the bands is spread out evenly so it can handle more, and it is more safe to fire/ operate than others under high structural stress.

    We have plenty of others like that. And the laws of physics are still against you. Yes it does have more mass but it also accelerates a lot more slowly because it takes more energy to move it.

    Remember that

    Force(N) = Mass(Kg) x Acceleration(m/s2)


    ADTG (acceleration due to gravity) = 10m/s2

    I.E if you shot a bullet perfectly straight and dropped a tennis ball in a vacuum then they both will hit the ground at the same time.

    Nice, should say post!

    if you improve the bipod and the trigger i think you should post it.

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    Whats wrong with the bipod, do you think it looks flimsy because its not?

    it's only supported by one rod on each sede while most bipods have two or three

    maybe try and fix up the trigger a little bit, make it more compact, and then post